Osen OST Spotting?

September 20, 2008 — Leave a comment

Last night I was surfing channels, and as I normally do when there’s nothing to watch on TV, I ended up on NHK. “Begin Japanology” was on (never seen it before), and they were showing how to make Dashi with some really thick seaweed, and with shavings of dried Bonito… which reminded me of Osen-san and the episode of the Katsuobushi. I will always laugh when remembering Osen-san physically assaulting the owner of the shop with the hard block of Katsuobushi… I’m telling you, priceless!

Anyway, as the show went on, they showed the people that worked in the top kitchens in Kyoto, is in this sequence when a light tune begins playing. “I KNOW that TUNE!” I say~~ And I am 99% sure it was a track from the Osen OST because it’s one of my favorite pieces on the album…

本物を見る目 (Honmono wo Mirume)
Discerning Eye for the Genuine <- this is Amy’s translation
and I don’t know if it’s correct, HA! But it will do~

It’s track13 of 22, by Yugo Kanno.

Does anybody know if it’s the track?

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