Give Credit Where Credit Is Due~

August 12, 2008 — 2 Comments

Enough, I’m tired of the western media nitpicking.

Rant ahead~~~~~

Americans (I’ve yet to read a non-American article of how awful China is) and westerns in general are using double standards. I hate double standards~~

Lip-sync cases are everywhere, and is a fact that pretty people have more chances than less pretty people. If not, just check “Sexiness a Must for Today’s Lady Singers” which I translated into Spanish (in my site).

Photoshop and other image enhancing software and procedures (including cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and botox) are all very much part of western culture… especially American. So stop your whining about it~

The news about the lip-sync issue is the only thing that I could probably accept people ranting about. However, the other things they rant, are just LA Times (the article I read) nitpicking.

Who cares if the bird-view of the fireworks was digital… I mean, anyone with half-a-brain could know. Who in their right mind would fly their helicopter through the fireworks?? That’d be suicidal! It still looked good…. Plus, is it forbidden to use GCI?? Have Americans patented CGI for their use and purpose ONLY????

Who cares if the drummers and performers where part of the military, they still did a pretty awesome job. Is your army this artistic?? Do they dance, and recite Confucius??? No! These guys still had to train and learn routines, jsut like any performers…

As of the complaints that the ceremony only highlighted the parts of the history that were convenient?? and that they didn’t mention the earthquake???

Well, aren’t the Americans the first ones to ban films because they show black slavery? Isn’t that one of the reasons why “Song of the South” hasn’t gotten a DVD release??Because it shows part of what is American History…. aren’t The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and the Huckleberry Finn books banned for the same reason??

Does America mention anything about the international crimes they commit (but everyone keeps quiet) during their Oscar, or Grammy awards??? Didn’t they celebrated the Oscar just months after Sept. 11, and just a short time after American soldiers invaded?

I’m not trying to be the knight in my shiny armor pointing morals, but let’s just say things as they are. The Opening Ceremony was mind-blowing… be it with soldiers or CG…. if we look back at how China was 20 years ago, isn’t it just amazing they way it has risen? Can’t the western give credit were credit is due?

Well, that was my rant. LOL’ So don’t feel bad the way the media paints China, just feel proud of what China has gone through all those years, and how it is today. Could another country rise from its ashes like China has?

I know I sound more angry than proud, but I did say it was a rant. LOL

2 responses to Give Credit Where Credit Is Due~

  1. Oh, and before anyone points out that I’m anti-western. Let me tell you that I hate the way I was treated in the airport when going to China, and how I was treated when I was leaving China.

    There is no more westernized Chinese brain than mine… and I’m probably the first one to complain about China.

    But credit where credit is due, people~

    PS: And of course… you would know that I love Award season, and go nuts for the Oscar ceremony.

  2. and what else? western media ranting that they can’t cover other stories while in China

    lol… weren’t they let in to report on the Olympic???
    so ur saying western media is covering the Olympics because they want to cover other news
    those are shifty! I would deny them their visas!!!
    it’s like buying a ticket to a concert and me wanting to sneak around backstage to see who gets high~~

    and the people complaining (some athletes, and reporters) who got their visas denied… I know Americans AREN’T used to ask for permission before visiting a country. But gimme a break! I just got my Canadian visa denied… and I was supposed to go for my friend’s wedding! Do you see me on TV complaining why they didn’t let me in???

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