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July 30, 2008 — 2 Comments

I don’t know how many of you had the chance to grow up with this animation around them, but recently I got to watch some animated films that I had seen as a child. I mean, many of us have grown up with Disney… or some with Hayao Miyazaki work. But how about Sullivan Bluth Studios?

Did any of you grow up watching The Secret of NIMH, or An American Tail?? You know, with the little mouse named Fievel… or the dino-adventure The Land Before Time with Littlefoot (or Piecito, Pie Pequeño in Spanish). Oh, man… my older cousins and I loved watching All Dogs Go to Heaven with Charlie the Dog~~~ why so many dogs named Charlie??? xD

I also loved watching Rock-a-Doodle… because well, as a kid whose dad like music “de la Nueva Ola,” I grew up listening to Elvis songs and others in Spanish. I even grew up watching Rock-a-Doodle in Spanish, which was on the same tape I had with The Wizard of Oz… ha! I also got to see A Troll in Central Park, but that came out much later than the others~~

Woah! Yodelehee! | Kikiriki~

Cockadoo what a day | Un buen día hay aquí
The sun is shinin’ brightly | El sol está brillando
Cockadoo sunny day | Un buen día hay aquí
Down here on the farm | Y quiero disfrutar
Cockadoo stay away | Nube negra vete ya
You big ol’ wet ol’ rain cloud | Que lluvia no queremos
Or I’ll cry out loud with this voice of mine | Nos gusta el sol de calor brillar

Sun do shine | Brilla ya
(Sun do shine, sun do shine, sun do shine) | (Brilla ya, brilla ya)

Well, my daddy taught me how to sing | Mi padre me enseño a cantar
And that’s why this voice means everything | Yo con gusto aprendí

LOL I also remember the scary owl, Duke… or Uncle Dukey, ha! With the number they do with the other scary owls. I only remember a few lyrics…

But then, when my back is turned
What four legged, flea-bitten louse comes sneaking through the window
That has the nerve to bite me on the leg?

Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?




Death to Patou! | Muera Patou!!!

Destroy the farm! Destroy the cat! The dog! | Destruyan la granja, al gato y al perro!
Or do you want the chicken back? | Quieren que el gallo regrese!

No! We hate the sun! The answer’s no! | No, odiamos el sol! No debe volver!!

And it’ll make my leg feel so much better… |  Y mi pierna se sentiría mucho mejor
If that rooster never crows! Tahahaha! | Si ese gallo… muere… YA!

We hate the sun, that much we know
We hate the rooster, we’ll never let him crow | Ese gallito no debe cantar!!

Well, enough with those lyrics (if you want more, head over here) – Last night I got to re-watch a film that I faintly remembered… about a little kid and dreams. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland! Which I had no idea was Japanese… I don’t remember if I had seen it in English, Spanish or Japanese as I only could remember random frames of the film. I didn’t remember it being so good, considering it was done in 1989~~ Totally freaky with the nightmares black blob.

2 responses to Animation Madness!

  1. The one thing I like about Rock-A-Doodle is Edmond the Kitten, He should’ve stayed as a cartoon kitten rather than as a human it could’ve worked better if he was the main character and not a slide character which was a mistake I suppose, Is because David Weiss penned the script that didn’t actually make sense to the audience that was going on ruined the whole film and I wish it wish beautifully well said and made more sense, To me one of my favourite Don Bluth films ever.

    • yeah, the film got sidetrack with the rooster and the Las Vegas showgirl xD but the whole thing was about him not being able to crow. Edmond had little to learn, except for being brave.

      Don Bluth films were generally a lot darker than what animation, at least in States side, have offered. I mean, All Dogs Go to Heaven was about a dog that got killed because of the greed in the gambling world. LOL

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