Shifting Trends~~

July 29, 2008 — 6 Comments

I was looking at the numbers that show up in the categories on the side of the website. You know, those numbers that tell you how many post each category has. 1/3 of posts is about celebrities, I’m shocked to say… LOL’ – However, most ashamed I am of the fact that I have been roughly blogging about more Japanese than Spanish. If someone gives me more in Spanish to talk about, I’d be more than glad~~

Now, onto… Films and DVDs. I’m ashamed to say that the number of torrents have outnumbered by a little the number of DVDs. It’s not that I’m not buying DVDs anymore, but I am buying the DVDs after I’ve seen the films or shows… so most of my entertainment findings come through torrents and online viewing. In fact, just like I torrented Wonderfalls, I bought it on DVD just a month ago~~ So now I’ve my healthy dose of Jaye Tyler! Just like my friend lent me his bootlegged copy of Spiral ~suiri no kizuna~ years ago (when we were in high school), I ended up buying it… or just as I saw Persepolis illegally, and waited for the now-cancelled-released-in-Lima. I’ve also got my original Persepolis DVD~~ xD

Plus, torrents and digital downloads in general give me a better perspective on what to spend my money on. Unlike in 2003, when all my focus was on DVDs and I bought DVDs that I just thought were or sounded cool, and ended up not liking them~~ and ended up selling them losing a bit of money. Same with music back in 99~~ See, now I only buy the good stuff hahaha… CDS, DVDS, BOOKS. I never bought books before, but now I do~ And I wouldn’t have any money to buy photography books if I weren’t torrenting.

Okay, back on topic~ Television posts are nearing Film posts, say WHAT? I thought I didn’t watch as much TV, but apparently I do~~ somehow. I attribute this to Japanese shows that I’ve been watching lately, but am not planning to watch any jdrama… I think. Coming award season, I expect Film posts to increase. However, that would probably be after EMMYS.

I’m also surprised the Music category is beating Film… since I can write a story in Script Format or use a profesional camera, but fail to play any tune on a guitar. LOL’

6 responses to Shifting Trends~~

  1. I saw the trailer and man did it awake my HP fandom….but still I’m very wary (freaking ginny)
    Reading Nodame manga, cannot ge enough and I’m diyng to see the live action!!!!

  2. It did?
    It was okay, definitely not feeling AS giddy as I used to… *sigh* I miss those days. xD

    Nodame live action is totally worth it… Juri-chan is the best. MUKYA! xD

  3. I’m so giddy I’m bitch slapping myself, though am hearing that this movie is filled to the brink with hormones, apperantly Lavender makes it all worth it….

  4. LOL’

    Are you talking about Lainey?? xD She metioned Lavvie. xD

    I heard/read (you know, in PK) that Dan said it was gonna be like Trainspotting. LOL And I know that whats-his-name… Yates described it as sex, drugs and rock&roll.

    Though PK Movie forums is so boring now… no activity at all.

  5. I haven’t been checking the HP forums or sites…but know I’m slowly going back on HP mode all cause of the trailer. I say it like this: if there is no kissing between Harry and Ginny I so totally am gonna pay to watch this….

  6. U know, suddenly I find myself craving to re-read the sixth book. It is an awesome book afterall!

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