YPF is Out in Theaters!

June 17, 2008 — 2 Comments

Holy mother of effing sh!t O_O

Young People Fucking made a wide release… as wide as a film with the word Fucking in the title would get, I’m guessing.

I’ve been wanting to watch this film for roughly half a year now… without counting the days I saw it on Carly Pope’s IMDb as in “post-production” because I am a Carly Pope Fan and have been since she played Sam McPherson… because I saw her on Trapped in a Purple Haze and have been trying to find this goddamn TV Movie on any digital format, but no luck. I have seen Disturbing Behavior a couple of times because I wanted to make sure Carly had a blink-and-u-missed-it scene, and have seen A Cooler Climate, and even Orange County, The Glass House and even Snow Day, JUST because Carly was in them. LOL’ I have stooped that low. hahahaha.

Anyway, Carly has been doing a lot of Canadian Indies for the past couple of years, and I have Eighteen and Everyone, and AM waiting for Hamster Cage to come out on DVD… because, well! that movie was just so darkly and weirdly funny. As a bonus, I got to see Larry Kent live… and this memory makes me miss Vancouver. And now, Vancouver (and other cities in Canada) have the pleasure to have Young People Fucking on their screens.

It surprises me because I did not expect such a wide release, meaning this movie promises… I only expected it to be shown in Fifth Avenue because they only show the good small films. That’s where I saw Hamster Cage… so it was a surprise to find out that it is also playing on Scotiabank Theater Vancouver (aka Paramount Theater)… because that’s like the megaplex. All ‘big’ Hollywood films open there, and Yong People Fucking is showing on their screens. Le gasp. :O

Check the showtimes here:
More cities…

WIsh I were there… now just gotta have to wait patiently for it on DVD. *crosses fingers*

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