You Me by Hamacide + ChaCha

October 15, 2012 — 3 Comments

Just ran into this song- a collaboration between producer Hamacide and Shanghai singer ChaCha on vocals. The EP — which seems more like an elaborate single really — has different remixes by Downstate, Jared Turinsky, Lightswitch Lafayette as well.

With artwork by Lily Xiao.

You can also buy this on Bandcamp.

3 responses to You Me by Hamacide + ChaCha

  1. Thanks for the love Amy!
    Check out this skate video shot in Inner Mongolia by Charles Lanceplaine featuring the track.

    It’s getting tons of plays everywhere!

    Best regards,

    • I actually heard the track in that same video! :)
      thank you for stopping by~~~
      wouldn’t mind interviewing you guys for an upcoming track or show.

      • Wow, seeing this 2 years later. I sent you my new EP when it came out last week. Have you had a chance to peep it?

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