Stefanie Sun – The Kingdom of Fools

I am obsessed with this music video… as you can see since I’m posting it here AND posting it in YAM Magazine. And especially now that I found that BOUNCE has a newly opened YouTube account that I hope doesn’t go POOF because of some wonk copyright issue.

I mean, this video is beauuuuuutiful in HD. And the song has rapidly grown on me — haven’t heard the album yet, but from all the singles released… it feels like this is one of the few songs that I can truly say WOW.

I know about Stefanie Sun, but I had never been actively interested in listening to her music. Like many of the Asian artists I followed, I saw her in the Beijing Welcomes You MV that came out for the Olympics… but then, I was more taken by that little girl in kind of a tux and glasses with the deep voice. Stephanie Sun is there — so young and cute, that it just never registered.

Call it a surprise to know that she’s got 12 albums, and that she’s 32. Amazing. I have become so cliché that whenever I ask my mom “guess how old this and that is” She just knows now. She knows when to add age, and when to subtract it. No fun anymore. xD

Here you go, watch the video – glorious HD.

Also, as a side note. You wouldn’t believe how LONG it took me to get the director’s name in characters and then figure out it’s BOUNCE who also directed MISSTER‘s Super Lover video. I was so crazy about this video, that I went name-hunting instead of doing my Chinese homework. LOL

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  1. Finally! Love for my favorite CPop singer Sun Yanzi. She is one of my all time favorite Asian singers, and I own all of her CDs. I really cannot get enough of her.

  2. Posted before watching video. Wow! Easy to recognize it as a Sun Yanzi song. Love it! Need to put her on my iPod. Her voice is just gorgeous, one of my favorites.

  3. best mother freaking video of the year.

  4. I would start off with “My Story, Your Song’ which is a compilation of songs from here old label Warner. This is the first song . Other than the Chinese albums of the China Dolls Stefanie was the only Chinese singer I listened to until you blogged about Bibi. I really don’t care what she sings, because for me it is her voice that I am in love with. I can listen to her sing anything. You could also try her new album, “It’s Time”, which has this song.

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