Classes begin…

January 20, 2011 — 6 Comments

*drum roll*

Guess who’s going to begin Mandarin lessons?

Crap, I’m nervous about it. I hope I can get the tones right. I don’t want to end up frustrated with it, and give up on all the Chinese music I own.

Honestly, Mandarin is the most difficult — sound-wise — language to me. But then again, I know nothing about Arabic… and I’m pretty sure I will have issues pronouncing anything resembling Hebrew.

What I hate about Chinese – any of the dialects – is that it’s like playing charade with a language.

Wish me luck.

6 responses to Classes begin…

  1. Yaaaay for Mandarin classes!
    How soon can we have u subbing BiBi stuff?

  2. Is this a new year's resolution? I'm thinking the same thing, only I'm considering Spanish. I already know Italian, so I'm hoping Spanish will be pretty easy…

    • It just sort of seemed to aligned this way. xD

      I've heard Italian speakers have not problems with Spanish, so I supposed you wouldn't encounter any I would guess. You can always come here to practice your Spanish ;P

  3. Good luck!! I tried learning Mandarin when I was a kid but I gave up really quickly ahahha. Now, I do understand when it's spoken orally although I can't speak myself and can't read.

    • Damn it, why do you need to rub it in that you understand spoken Mandarin, Castor! LOL You know, if I could understand… that would certainly make it easier to watch Chinese films… not having to wait for subtitles and all xD

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