Remembering Hana & Alice: Wo Ai Ni – Arabesque

You’re probably tired of me talking about Hana & Alice. It feels like I have posted this before somewhere, but since I can’t find it with a simple google search… I’m posting xD

To quote myself;

Just for the sake of being consistent… I was in the mood for the music of Hana & Alice, which I have come to love after multiple views. I also got the urge to listen to the music for Hyakuman-en’s OST but can’t find anything, so if you know where I can listen to it… let me know.

Anyway, as I was saying~~~ Hana & Alice Soundtrack, it’s so quiet… yet wonderful. Wo Ai Ni breaks my heart. One of the best Yu Aoi film scenes you’ll EVER see~~~ Here are three tracks I found at IMEEM. The rest after the break.

Shunji Iwai is a SOB xD without knowing about music, he composes this score. How’s that for justice?? LOL Now, every time I hear or read Wo Ai Ni (I Love You in Mandarin), I’m reminded of the movie. The way she tells her dad “Papa, Wo Ai Ni” and her dad says “Zai Jian” – OMG, so so sad. Poor Alice. Don’t worry, let’s eat Tokoroten together xD I don’t think I’m into the taste of seaweed in my pudding, but I can eat something else… I’m sure. xD

8 responses to Remembering Hana & Alice: Wo Ai Ni – Arabesque

  1. Gud! Hur jag älskar denna film! Mycket tack vare Yuu och hennes undebara tolkning av Alice!

  2. 可愛い〜♥

  3. btw this is a really nice vid, love the inserts with the countless faces she makes playing the ex-girl friend with マーク! lol

    I miss Iwai's magic so much :(

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