Ohoku – Ooku Trailer

Based on the manga by Fumi Yoshinaga, Ooku — refering to the quarters of the Shogun’s female companions — tells the story of a fictional Edo era in Japan where women have become the dominant members of society, and males are sought after to reproduce.

Actress Kou Shibasaki will be playing the female shogun.

This made me think of the comic Y: The Last Man, which was the first ever comic I got into due to my roommate wanting me to read it. If you haven’t read it, do give it a look. You can be blown away.

As for the movie, the trailer kinda game me chills. Kou Shibasaki as the Shogun, such a marvelous idea. What’s Kazunari Ninomiya to do? xD

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  1. He is going to play a lame dick and been drawn around like a puppet hahahah

  2. I am so looking towards to this! I want to read the manga but can't find it translated anywhere TT__TT
    And yes! Epic cast is epic! I will be counting down the days until this comes out in dvd so that it can be translated… gonna wait for a long time!

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