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May 17, 2010 — 2 Comments

I know all about the gays

And they recently released their Hot 100 [plus Top 10 Men of Color, Top 10 over 50, Top 10 Out Gay Men]. So let’s talk about MEN~~~ You know gay men love them guys buffed, most of the times.

So can I just say… some of them are just questionable? xD

Let’s start with Eddie Cibrian [who cheated on his wife and is now dating Leann Rimes, who “se me cayo”], then Milo Ventimiglia [whom after dating Panettiere seems like a total creep], Robert Pattison [whose stinky rumors are now forever plastered in my memories whenever I hear his name], Gerard Butler [who after starring on Dear Frankie and quivering, turned into total skeeze], Kellan Lutz [WHO? Oh yeah, Twilight], Ryan Phillippe [come on… really? multiple cheating is a multiple turn-off], Channing Tatum [enough with the meat already…], Zac Efron [Gosh… I feel I’m hairier than him… and we’re kinda the same age], Taylor Lautner [Okay, that’s just creepy… but then again MOMS dream about him, so I guess you guys are less creepy.], Ryan Reynolds [seriously guys… where is the substance…], and finally David Boreanaz whom I totally loved until recently. Man is a total let-down.

Now that I’ve got my disagreements, can I just say I feel really REALLY proud of Chris Colfer? He made the list, and I feel so giddy for him!

Other notable appearances? Tom Ford, Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr., Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), James McAvoy, Lee Pace, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taye Diggs, ever on the list even if there’s no movies Johnny Depp, another who’s ever there Brad Pitt, newest addition hottie Mark Salling (Glee)~~~

Ok, *cough* moving on~~~ Zachary Quinto… and Ewan McGregor, James Franco, Hugh Jackman, Jakey G., and Neil Patrick Harris~~~ because, NHP is too much goodness~~~

Thoughts on the list?

Can I just say I always loved Taye Diggs? In a tux? even more.

And did you noticed there was soooo much GLEE? xD

And! QUESTION! What IS Ian Somerhalder doing lately? He’s on the list, and I know he’s attractive, but I haven’t seen him on anything, so I’m at a loss again… is he one of those body over substance actors? Oh, god… I just pictured 2010 Somerhalder together with 2010 Kate Moennig…

I’m off to bed.

Also, I’m planning a post of Men of Color suggestions… or I guess, Asian suggestions because let me tell you AfterElton, you are so very lacking on Asian hotness.

2 responses to AfterElton Hot 100 2010

  1. and Julz can vouch for them Asian hotties…

  2. U may call me the professor of Asian hotties, which makes me wonder if I can get a degree on that…. *goes to check*

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