WOW, only one week of music?

May 2, 2010 — 1 Comment

OMG, I think I’ve broken my own whatever record of music heard ever.

I’ve been listening to whatever I could find for streaming. Including albums that I had no plans to listen to, but I figured I should just to say I have listened to them when giving my opinion, and not get that “well, if you don’t listen to it, how do you know it’s bad?” – you know that response, right?

So I think you’d be surprised to see what I’ve listened to.

Really. Surprised. xD

  • Spangle call Lilli line
    • Isolation ****
    • Purple
    • View ***
  • Polysics
    • Karate House
    • We Ate the Machine
  • Anna Tsuchiya – Nudy Show! [her exclamation mark, not mine]
  • Kou Shibasaki
    • Mitsu
    • Hitori Asobi
    • Kiki
    • Love Paranoia
  • Spitz
    • Cycle Hit 1991-1997 Complete Single
    • Cycle Hit 1997-2005 Complete Single
    • Souvenir
    • Sazanami
  • 4minute – For Muzik ***
  • 2PM – 1:59 PM
  • 2AM – Even If I Die I Can’t Let You Go
  • Nara – Color of Trot
  • Yoon Jong-Shin
    • Behind the Smile
    • Round the Village
    • Monthly Project 2010: April ***
  • Brown Eyed Girl
    • Your Story ***
    • Leave Ms. Kim ***
    • Sound G ***
  • Kara
    • The First Blooming
    • Kara
    • Pretty Girl
    • Revolution 2
    • Lupin
  • Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw
  • Vitamin C – More
  • Vertical Horizon – Burning the Days
  • Take That – Circus **
  • Timbaland
    • Shock Value
    • Shock Value II
  • Train
    • My Private Nation ***
    • Save me San Francisco ***
  • SuperBand – Go South **
  • Missy Elliott
    • Under Construction **
    • This is not a Test **
  • M.I.A – Kala **
  • Lisa Loeb – The Way It Really Is
  • Laura Pausini
    • From the Inside
    • Primavera in Anticipo
  • Madonna
    • Ray of Light **
    • Music
  • Glee – The Power of Madonna
  • Amber Kuo – Invisible Superman
  • Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You ****
  • Justin Bieber
    • My World
    • My World 2.0
  • Kelly Clarkson
    • Thankful
    • Breakaway
    • My December
  • The Jonas Brothers
    • It’s About Time
    • Jonas Brothers
    • A Little Bit Longer
    • Lines, Vines and Trying Times
  • Nick Jonas & Administration – Who I Am
  • JC Chazes – Schizophrenic ***
  • Joey McIntyre – 8:09
  • Joss Stone – Color me Free **
  • Jennifer Hudson – Jennifer Hudson **
  • Jason Mraz
    • Waiting for my Rocket to Come **
    • We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things ***
  • King of Leon – Only by the Night **
  • Kent – Röd

That’s like what… over 60 albums?

Now you are wondering… Bieber and the Jonas Bros? Really? Right~~~~ What was I thinking, right? The Bieber (is that really what people call him?) has well produced music… retarded lyrics, but mind you… catchy after all. But let me tell you, he can’t possibly carry a ballad. And I don’t even want to think about how he sounds live… it scares me to even think about if he can hold a stage on his own, when he can’t even carry a ballad.

As for the Jonas Brothers, well… they’ve got silly lyrics too. And all their albums sound practically the same, except Nick Jonas changed his voice… just a little. From all the songs in all their albums, I can maybe tell you they’ve got one or two songs that are good… without counting the covers. And their ballads… they can’t carry ballads with their voices either, you would think that after 3 albums, they would have learned to control their voices for the 4th one? Well, no… they sounded so bad in some tracks that I literally skipped them after those high pitches went out of control. And the younger Jonas? Nick and his solo? Same problem… can’t carry a ballad, but I did like one of his songs.

And no, I do not dare to stream Miley’s songs. I even skipped the ones on the Jonas and Timbaland albums. I cannot stand the girl when she talks, so I imagine I wouldn’t stand her album… right?

But then again, who am I, right? I don’t even enjoy a full Madonna album. I like her singles, but come on! As far as album work goes for her, it’s bad.

Jennifer Hudson has a lovely voice, but alas… her album only exploits that for like 3 or 4 songs, and leaves you with other pretty normal R&B songs. Perhaps Hudson should have been born in another era… but then again, if she had, it would have been even more difficult to get discovered. But I tell you this, I would love to see her sing live.

Which now brings me to Kou Shibasaki. OMG, I love Kou Shibasaki as an actress, but for the love of kamisama, stop the girl from producing another album! I am almost always wary of actor/singers… or the common double threat or triple threats that are so common in Asia. Like Justin Timberlake is a fine music entertainer, but boy can’t act for shit… Shibasaki’s music was almost torture for me.

You might say, what about Anna Tsuchiya? She’s an actress singer… right? True, but she’s not really THAT accomplished in either of those two, in my opinion. She’s a capable actress and a capable singer, but she doesn’t excel at any of them.

And OMG, the Elder? Yoon Jong-Shin really surprised me, though I don’t really dig his ballads, I did find a track or two that were very Bossa Nova-ish, and I really liked his song from the April 2010 project.

Oh, and HELLO? Kara? If you’re doing the dark image on Lupin, please don’t sing happy music.

*sighs* that was a long rant.

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