Asami Mizukawa for New Mobile Drama

December 13, 2009 — 7 Comments

More Mobile Drama news!

First, this photo…


Kawaii Joyuu is reporting that there’s a new mobile drama coming out this coming March 2010 on BeeTV, starring 5 hot women and one guy. Of course it’s only one guy! Why wouldn’t it? Right???

According to the report, it’s titled Onna-tachi wa Nido Asobu (女たちは二度遊ぶ), which could translate as Women Play Twice (?), and according to my research is based on the book of the same name by Shuichi Yoshida, which will last 6 episodes of 5min each.


I could picture Mizukawa on that book cover, I dunno why.

Also starring on this project are actresses Koyuki (The Last Samurai), Kyoko Hasegawa, Yuuka, Saki Aibu and actor Yusuke Santamaria. Santamaria??

For a short trailer visit the Onna-tachi website, and click the black bar with text on it that is next to the audio button. Should I add a “mobile drama” category or tag?

7 responses to Asami Mizukawa for New Mobile Drama

  1. She is so damn pretty and so damn talented!

  2. But it has Aibu Saki! I cannot stand her ever since Buzzer Beat. Blech! I would’ve wanted to see this, but not with her.

  3. Bill, I’ve no idea who she is, haha. Just checked her CV, and the only thing I’ve seen with her is Tenchijin, and I’ve only seen a few episodes of that…

    Can people upload these mobile dramas? I would like to see one xD

    Julz, Asami Mizukawa is so underrated. She’d be perfect to act in a drama of a university student living abroad, wouldn’t she? She’s got a certain sass~~~

  4. All I know as that she won me over in LF and that she has done some interesting dramas this last fall (that I so should watch)

    @Bill: I dunno abou Aibu Saki, sure, I hated her role in Buzzer beat but just cu she was a major psycho bitch there does not mean that she is a bad actress, nee?

  5. Hello :)
    I love your blog :D
    I just wanted to ask how does “mobile drama” work ? I mean, do you receive each episode on your mobile (cell phone) or is it just a name adapted for the 5 minutes/episode format ?
    We don’t have this in Europe, that’s why i’m curious.
    mata ne ^^

  6. Hey, there~
    What should I call you? LFK?

    Thanks for the comment. Sadly, I don’t live in Japan… or Asia, and
    I don’t use a cellphone xD so my answer is not 100% verified.

    I doubt they send you the episode, so my guess is that you visit
    your provider’s mobile address where they can re-direct you
    to the newest episode. I believe is the closest thing to a webseries,
    only you have to watch it on a cellphone.

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