Music Overload

April 24, 2010 — 16 Comments

I just spent all day yesterday (and still) listening to music at Haoting.

Yay for keeping updated!

I just realized, this is a whole bunch of music O.o

  • Aleks Syntek – Metodos de Placer Instantaneo **
  • Tete – Le Premier Clair de l’Aube ***
  • Joey McIntyre – Here We Go Again
  • Camila – Dejate de Amar
  • Gorillaz – Plastic Beach
  • Sade- Soldier of Love
  • Los Campesinos! – Romance in Boring
  • Akira Kosemura
    • Polaroid Piano **
    • Grassland **
  • Salyu – Maiden Voyage ****
  • Bi
    • Back to the Basic
    • Rainism
  • S.H.E – SHERO
  • Lee Hyori
    • H-Logic **
  • AI
    • My Name is AI
    • FEAT A.I
    • MIC-A-HOLIC A.I. ***
    • What’s Goin’ On A.I. ***
  • 2NE1 – Vol. 1 2NE1 **
  • SNSD
    • Girls’ Generation
    • Genie
    • Vol. 2 Oh!
    • Run Devil Run
  • Lady Gaga
    • The Fame ***
    • The Fame Monster
  • Stomacher – Sentimental Education
  • Tokyo Jihen – Sports ****
  • Vital – Vital EP
  • Amber Kuo – Love Thoughts
  • Chitose Hajime – Hainumikaze
  • Rimi Natsukawa – Single Collection, Vol. 1
  • Satomi Saeki – Japanese Traditional Koto and Shakuhachi ****
  • Jaycee Chan – Confusion
  • Fai Yuqing – Great Days ***
  • Yen-J – Thanks for your Greatness
  • Rene Liu – Together
  • Brian Littrell – Welcome Home ***
  • Celtic Woman – Songs from the Heart **
  • Buono!
    • Cafe Buono!
    • Buono! 2
    • We Are Buono!
  • Bonnie Pink
    • Golden Tears
    • Thinking Out Loud
    • ONE ***
  • Miyavi – Victory Road to the King of Neo Visual Rock Singles
  • Mika Nakashima
    • True
    • Love
    • Music
    • The End **
    • Yes
    • Voice
    • No More Rules

but to be honest, that’s way more than 2 months, I’m pretty sure.

16 responses to Music Overload

  1. Don’t worry, Julz… I’ll get to the Korean music section next week. LOL
    But look! I listened to all albums of Buono and SNSD xD

  2. Yes, but did you like Buono? One of my fave girl groups, but I am now addicted to AKB48 and hoping I get tickets to see them when I am in Tokyo in a few weeks.

  3. Buono has a couple of songs that had me following the lyrics (the haoting player contains lyrics most of the times), I felt it was too high-pitched pop for my liking. This is one of my main problems with the mainstream Japan pop scene… they all sort of have the same vibe.

    And you lucky dude. Tell me how the concerts go. Especially looking forward to Salyu.

  4. by the way, thanks for the Satomi Saeki tip =D

  5. Oh, if you like rock you should try Spangle call Lilli line. Their newest album, view is very poppy, but their older albums are much different. Oh, go and read the thread on JPopsuki. They are probably one of our favorite groups.

  6. the name of the group is Sprangle? Or Lili Line? LOL

  7. OMFG!
    SNSD and Buono!
    I am still so pissed that Buono was cancelled here in Sweden, if anything they are the best H!P has to offer at the moment….
    What did u think about SNSD?

  8. I really really hate SNSD
    but they still get me to sing along to Gee.

    Did I tell you? about two weeks ago, I spent all day watching parodies, and I saw many of Gee… in the end, my dad went back home humming to Gee LOL hilarious. Then I was reminded about your SNSD review about “everyone and their mom singing to it” xD

    I would die laughing if Glee did a Kpop episode, and did Gee. OMG, can you imagine?
    OMG, I can piss myself with that idea xD OMGOMG!
    Jaesuk-oppa should have a dance-off against Sue Sylvester xD

  9. The thing about SNSD is that they do have vocal abilities, they just get to sing retarded songs. Aw the ugly truth of idol pop, just put together a couple of pretty and sexy girls, dress them in skimpy clothes and pimp their sexiness and who cares about the music nee?
    Sole reason I left H!P, H!P is now more about pimping girls to get wotas to buy merchandise then anything else.
    It is sad.

  10. pop is always like that, right?
    but still, I admit I do like Gee with a lot of guilt. xD

  11. Gee is good! U can’t deny that. In the future when they need to give a great example of mainstream, perfectly produce pop then Gee is so the best example!

  12. Gee gee gee baby baby baby xD
    I vote Gee for a Glee re-enactment
    with a guest-star of Jaesuk in EnerGEE. xD

  13. I love the dance so hard and sloppy, I can’t control myself while taking the subway and the song comes up in my mp3. I bust out the moves as subtle as possible XD

  14. Another band you should try is advantage Lucy who play music influenced by ’60’s janglepop and Swedish pop. They play music that makes you fell happy, so I play them a lot when I am down, or it’s really early in the morning, like now.

  15. Bill, I checked out Spangle call Lilli line. I really liked their first album, but it didn’t seem very rock to me xD, the 2nd was so so… but I really liked the third one too. xD Not at much as the first one though.

    At the moment I’m listening to Spitz, heard their singles collection, and didn’t like it much… though there are single songs that I liked. I also took some time to listen to Kou Shibasaki and Anna Tsuchiya, I’ve never seen any good actor/actress that can pull off having a great album. Same thing with singers that could pull of a great film career… though the French seem to have more luck with that. xD

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