This is a YAM update

November 8, 2009 — 2 Comments

We’re beginning official work on YAM007.

I’m pushing for a Crowd Lu review from someone (since I don’t really speak Chinese, it would be beneficial, right?) — Someone will be doing This Is It and even offer himself to review New Moon, which lessens my “I don’t really wanna watch this, but have to” load.

I’m looking for people to review… hopefully, An Education and Precious — cue Julz — and also looking for people interested in reviewing True Blood (the current seasons, or just the latest one), Mad Men Season 3, and if you feel like it Dexter Season 5.

All other current films (that haven’t been rated or reviewed in previous issues), latest music releases from around the world (released on October, November and December have priority over other 2009 releases), other shows that are finishing seasons~~~ and ANY books, since we are not picky with those. Ha!

2 responses to This is a YAM update

  1. I have only been reading classic books so I got nothing for you there. Besides that, my regular Korean album reviews and the movies depending on when I get to see then…
    I shall mail you with my list!

  2. Will wait for it xD

    I was thinking we should do a Family Outing write-up, would you feel like doing it?
    Or should I? I dunno how it would fit into YAM

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