Fashion Magazines to Go the Way of the Dinosaurs?

July 22, 2009 — 2 Comments

I love dinosaurs! LOL

I don’t really buy fashion magazines though… xD

but their photoshoots are very pretty. =D Yay for pretty photos!
not all photoshoots though, some are rubbish…
but Fashiontography is nifty! See more Fashion and Photos!

There’s an interesting article on the with former Marie Claire editor Liz Jones talking about why she’s fallen out of love with the mags she once loved.

Here’s an interesting excerpt;

Take the shoot in Kerala, India, in the June issue of British Vogue: in a region where most people live on less than $1 a day, there is Daria Werbowy in a £3,690 cotton dress by Yohji Yamamoto and a silk/linen ballgown by Ralph Lauren costing £9,500 – the little children used as obscene accessories.

Even the more downmarket, mainstream magazines relentlessly push clothes very few of their readers could afford. In Grazia is a silk dress by Gucci costing £3,600, and a few pages later we find the most ridiculous garment of all: a red snakeskin-trimmed jacket by Louis Vuitton costing £7,400.

Though Yohji Yamamoto is pretty crazy awesome. LOL’

Anyway, you can read the whole thing here.
Really, do read it… here’s another quote to get you interested!

I spoke to one beauty director of a big British glossy, and she told me that she can ‘never be critical of any of the big brands. You can say that my job is, really, to write press releases for them. Only tiny, boutique brands with no advertising budget would ever be given a bad review in my pages.’

And this is why independent rules. LOL’
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2 responses to Fashion Magazines to Go the Way of the Dinosaurs?

  1. A very good article, something that I have been thinking about lately to be honest.
    Sure fashion is beautiful and exiting but why pay 2000 bucks for a piece of cotton? For the brand name? How does the brand name make a piece of cotton so valuable?
    I am so sick and tired of how humans put value to stuff so that they can feel better than others.
    Fuck that.
    Btw, I feel hardly neglected from the list of collaborators in the YAM FB page…..

  2. First, FYI – for me to add you, you need to be on FB
    just so you know…

    True about paying $2000 for a piece of cotton, but sometimes… a piece of cotton, regardless of the brand, is $2000 (doubtful, maybe $200) because of the creative treatment it’s received.

    But it’s everything else too!
    A Picasso is that valuable because “it’s a Picasso”!!
    All brands are the same…

    The thing we should understand is just because THEY have a Gucci, we don’t need to get a Gucci. Because they get a Picasso, we don’t need one on our living room… especially if you know shit about art. I can’t tell the difference between a Picasso and a fake one, so why would I bother~~~ xD

    Well, I guess the fake and original subject are different on their own… so let’s leave that out~ 3P

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