Takes so Long!

November 22, 2008 — 1 Comment

So I lose my interest… what am I talking about? Movies…

For example, Mon Meilleur Ami – came out on 2006, and it’s actually playing on Cinemax Latin America, but it opened in theaters in Lima this month (Nov. 6 2008) – why bring it if it’s already on cable~~
*rolls eyes*

Next up, The Other Boleyn Girl which just opened this week, and if I’m not mistaken it’s already on DVD. There is also Juno (which I already OWN on DVD) – which is coming out next week (nov. 27).  And so on~

I haven’t been to the movies since Batman came out… There hasn’t been a ‘world premiere’ since Batman came out… unless you count the new James Bond movie, which came out just a few days later, but still… LATER is the keyword. How about all those films that have already come out months ago~~~ Like Tropic Thunder, Forgetting Sarah Marshall… which I never intended to watch, but still had to wait two or three or even half a year to hear about them here. When they finally get here, I have already lost interest or have seen it online somewhere else~ or I have it already on DVD.

When DVD players are already region-free, why make people wait longer than it takes to put the DVD on the market.

One response to Takes so Long!

  1. The cinemas in Peru only do world premieres when it’s about superhero films and HP stuff. Or stuff that’s heavily mainstream. Fuck them.

    And lol @ Juno.

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