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A Villain~

Mobeen the VillainWelcome, everyone to a revamped edition of interviews at! We are here to interview super villain, Mobeen, our very special guest! First, why don’t you tell the people, that don’t know you that well, a little about you and what you do.

Mobeen: I am an actor and I like to play Villain roles in movies. Sometimes I keep up the role in my real life too. It has ended up in some terrible crimes and accidents because of that…..but we are veering off the topic here. I have won 2 Oscars.

Sometimes I keep up the role [of Villain] in my real life too. Hi, Mobeen! the readers at are very excited to have you here. Would you tell us what’syour favorite part about playing the villians?

M: It is the angst you see. There is no romance for villain. He is alone. But genius. I personally don’t understand why we don’t have movies where Villain ends up winning. Swordfish was the only one. I want to be on record for saying this.

For the movie Swordfish, John Travolta was only casted because I asked for a better beard style.

So you were offered the role first? What did you end up doing instead?

Yes I was. I even agreed to be paid less. I hoped my performance would be so good that I would earn a nomination again. but that whole beard styling fiasco ruined it. I ended up playing a kamakazi Japanese pilot in Pearl Harbour.

If you could choose someone on the screen to play nemesis of, who would you choose?

I would choose Leonardo DiCaprio as my nemesis. I would have chosen Tom Cruise, but Leonardo has proved himself ignorant by dumping Giselle Bundchen.

So do you have a thing for models, in general, or just Giselle Bundchen? I have heard rumours of your affinity for Asian actresses, Maggie Q, and Gong Li.

I don’t have a thing for models. It’s just that I don’t understand why would Leonardo traded Giselle Bundchen for Bar Refaeli. Yes, I have affinity for Asian actresses. They have brains you know. Given they are not the “Hot” symbols of film industry. They are just more intelligent.

Regarding Maggie Q and Gong Li. No comment.

How does winning 2 Academy Awards affect your love and work relationships?

It has become more easier to find better acting opportunities. The roles offered are more diverse and due to large selection it is easier to find roles which would work for me. On the other hand, my love life has taken a bit of a bad turn. It is hard finding a person who is as capable as you and is willing to live under the constant presure which you garner from being famous.

If you could choose any project to work on right now, which ones would it be and why?

I would like to work in the making of Oliver Twist and I would like to be the criminal mastermind, Fagin. I think it would be a great chance for me to act for a 19th century setting. I haven’t gotten a chance to play villain for any historic characters.

That was the whole interview, folks. Mobeen right now is very secretive about his work, so we think he’s planning an evil attack in real life. ;)

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