The Lovely “Flowers of War”

January 5, 2012 — 2 Comments

This is a superficial post on The Flowers of War.

You can also check my post on propaganda films — Propaganda: Movies and their Message ~ and you are more than welcomed to flame me for liking “rubbish” films or liking China, whatever. LOL

I honestly liked The Flowers of War, it had its faults of course… as any and many a film does, but I totally think that the shameful 29% in RottenTomatoes is undeserved. It’s… with all my honesty and my unbiased, a solid 70%. All of that aside, wow– these are beautiful. If only the film could have been promoted with these pictures~

They’re the heroes~

2 responses to The Lovely “Flowers of War”

  1. This pics are lovely.

    I won’t be seeing this movie so I can’t say jack about it. I wish I could but I really can’t watch war movies based on real events – and with Namjing… yeah better stay away.

    • can’t blame you, I was a little bit of a mess with it. Specially that piece of music I mention in my review, it’s not a sad piece but the contrast between the song, the images and the situation really brought that concept of Delicate/Horror that I think Zhang Yimou wanted to bring.

      In comparison, I don’t think I cried that much in City of Life and Death. LOL I mean, I cried but I only remember shedding tears in the scene with the civil soldiers at the beginning of the film.

      I found a list of 10 films about Nanjing, and I was wondering if I could watch them one after another hahaha.

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