an afternoon in the ER

February 18, 2010 — 2 Comments

Wow. It’s the first time I visit the ER.

I woke up with a fever last night, and after my mother came back from work, she decided to walk me to the hospital. In reality, the hospital is about one or two blocks away, but walking there while feeling like shit, it’s hardly ideal. After all the paper work, we went up 5 floor by stairs because it was more efficient than queuing for the elevator.

The doctor took a look at me, and checked my temperature. My mom thought it was gonna be 38-something, but in reality it was closer to 40C. The doctor prescribed some pills, and some for the shot I was supposed to get. On our way down I told my mom “I can’t believe you made me go up 5 floors with almost 40C of fever” LOL

I had never been to the ER, but I went to it to get my shot against the fever. It hurt like a bitch. It still hurts! The worst part was that I had to go back walking after it!

Anyway, fever seems to be gone. But still need to take all those pills… *sighs*

2 responses to an afternoon in the ER

  1. Wow, poor dear, you sure had a shitty week! Any reason for that fever? Intoxication, allergy, virus?

  2. all shall remain a mystery xD
    most likely an allergy or virus…

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