Natalie Portman + Elizabeth Bennet + Zombies?

December 11, 2009 — 8 Comments


Seems like that rumor wasn’t really a rumor.

Variety (hence, also is reporting that the adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a go, and that Natalie will be playing Elizabeth Bennet with zombies running around. Maybe it’s like Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley version) mixed with Fido.

To be perfectly honest, though… I think I got into reading too late, as I do not appreciate Jane Austen as I should. This is the part when Julz gasps in emotional distress. Yes, there are books that should be read when you’re younger, so they make the perfect impact… like The Diary of Anne Frank.

So I’m so on the fence for this project.

8 responses to Natalie Portman + Elizabeth Bennet + Zombies?

  1. Read that book, and it sucked! No, not the original, but Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. This movie could go either was, but I am leaning to bad. Love the original though.

  2. I mean, at first hearing of the idea it sounds like a crazy B movie.
    It could go either way, like you said… and even if it’s not that
    successful, it will probably turn into a cult hit or something…

  3. I actually read the book, and it is a crappy C book. If the director is lucky he might be able to make it into a B movie, but he will need to be really good. It is a great idea, but not a great book. OK at best.

  4. *le gasp*

    You don’t appreciate the amazingness that is pride&prejudice? and anne frank? aww fawk I need awakening salts…
    what about brönte? *is desperate*
    you know the whle xx xx ordeal? I am guessing that is how you felt…. fawk I am shocked…

  5. lol, I’m editing you a bit here coz I don’t want people stumbling here wondering about that ordeal.

  6. and yes, I do not appreciate anne frank. To be honest though, the copy I read was like a gazillion years old, so maybe there should be a better translation.

    There’s a thing about me and classics, because they’re classics they lose that “omg I found this, I feel special” factor for me. Unless I haven’t heard it’s a classic and just stumble into it by chance.

    Let me shock you again.

    When I was 5, I taped over my mom’s taped from TV version of Gone with the Wind. LOL I made it up to her when I bought the 3-disc special edition. It was then I finally saw the film.

  7. OMFG
    U taping over gone with the wind made me gasp so bad.
    U are a bad daughter!

    The thing about classics is just that, the fact that they have managed to stay current through the passing of time. You would be surprised about how in time some if the classics are, not to mention the great amount of history found in them….
    You need to go and read Wuthering heights…..

    Dudette, Pride&Prejudice is one of my all time favourites, I have read it like ate least 20 times…… you are breaking my heart here….

  8. you have to also understand that I’m not a book person.
    I began reading coz of HP, so you see how it destroyed my fandom? LOL

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