Hmm… Maybe It’s a Good Thing~

July 30, 2009 — 1 Comment

That I don’t longer really support Western music?
After all, one might risk being sued even for sampling work before thinking of buying.

I mean, you do get a drive before you get convinced of getting a new car.
I can, after all, also ask for my cousin’s car for a drive…

I admit it. I don’t buy as much stuff as I used to, but can you blame me?
I was a 17-year-old with my parents’ credit card access…
I bought a lot of crap. A lot of crap that I don’t use anymore, but keep
because it’s money. So do you blame me for not wanting to buy more crap anymore?

What did I just get? Three albums, and one DVD (two, if you count the one that comes as extra)
All Asian products. These cost more than regular American stuff
so I need to cut back even more on stuff I get. LOL
so only top-rated or fan stuff make it~~~ xD

From the things I just got, it’s two Faye Wong albums which I downloaded last year.
DOWNLOAD. Now I’ve bought them as imports. Cost even more money. LOL
However, they’re very awesome albums, and worth buying.
I’m also looking for a copy of To Love, and almost lost money
while trying to purchase from eBay.
Then… the crap I’m not buying and people are suing for? Not so much.

I also bought Bibi’s Time album that comes with mini PB and DVD~
that’s loads of extras for the price of a regular album almost…
also… I’m a fan of Bibi… after I DOWNLOADED her music.

I also bought Don’t Laugh at my Romance on a HongKong Region DVD
that comes with English subs… Japan version doesn’t…
I saw the film as a DOWNLOAD.
I’m also a fan of Yu Aoi after I DOWNLOADED her films.

got the trend?

Yes. Downloading music (or films etc) and profiting from it is wrong. I don’t buy piracy.
Yes. Saying you’re a fan of something you’ve never physically supported is wrong,
but not as wrong… sometimes, people just can’t. Though they should find a way…
opening a fanclub… spreading the word it’s at least something…
No, downloading music is not like stealing a car. Downloading music is like asking your
cousin if you can use his car, just like he asks if he can take your bike out for a ride.
I might end up buying a car, or not… just as he might get a bike, if he finds it useful.

But this industry wants me to buy crap. I’m not buying.

One response to Hmm… Maybe It’s a Good Thing~

  1. Well, on could always argument with that you don’t need to dl to be able to listen to music. That there are platforms such as imeem, youtube or Of course, those platforms are not completely open and some might need for you to pay a fee to be a member.

    You know how I am, I may dl my albums but I do support my fav artist by buying other stuff that I find interesting or feel that I want.

    Plus that I made the effort to travel to Japan to see a concert… so if u are a fan, yeah you will make efforts.

    But then again, there is so much to say about how the music industry is handled and how much money doesn’t go to the artists own pockets and bla bla bla bla

    This discussion will go on forever because on he end of the day it is all about money and yeah that makes people bitch a lot.

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