Woohoo! Babe Ruthless~~~ Whip It! Trailer

I never picture me watching any roller derby, but this rocks!
I need some chick comedy to counterattack all the male comedies…
Ellen Page, blue-dye, rimmed-glasses and rollers PAWN.
Plus Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis (she sometimes scares me),
Marcia Gay Harden, and Kristen Wiig… oh, and Eve?

Babe Ruthless!!! xD

3 responses to Woohoo! Babe Ruthless~~~ Whip It! Trailer

  1. chill fangirl chill!!
    *spazzes with you*
    did you steal this from lainey? lol

  2. Nah, saw it first on Trailer Addict.
    like 1min before I read Lainey’s last update on my Reader.

  3. I am soooo watching it!

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