Damn it! Damn it to hell!

June 10, 2009 — 2 Comments

Who would hack the portfolio of a lame freelancer??? Really.

Any self-respecting hacker would go on and hack Twitter to frak everyone up! Make all the celebrities say eevn more stupid things, I would get that… I would get hacking Disney, or any important website. Hack the Obama sites – but why would they hack me??? I mean, who am I?

Heck! Even hacking a fansite makes more sense, after all… they get a couple hundred thousands visits a day – that makes sense, their “look at me, look at me” attempts wouldn’t be in vain. But my portfolio? Do you really have that much time to just have fun hacking into a poor freelance’s portfolio? Do you get thrills from deleting an index page? Do you even know me? Ugh, completely utter waste of time… wasted my afternoon.

2 responses to Damn it! Damn it to hell!

  1. it was perhaps a small noob, trying out small just to test out his skillz
    sucks so bad
    stupid hacker

  2. then, let him test his noob with Miley’s Twitter. Makes me waste my afternoon…

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