May 2009 Music!

June 8, 2009 — 3 Comments


I didn’t blog for two days!!! My perfect two-month-everyday posting record is over~

T.T – and…

Didn’t really listened to much music either~~~ just a few couple albums that just came out.

  • Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown (review on the upcoming YAM004)
  • Eminem – Relapse
  • 3 Gars su’l Sofa
    • Des Cobras et des Tarantules
    • Cerf-volant
  • Au Revoir Simone – Still Night, Still Light
  • The Sounds – Crossing the Rubicon (review on the upcoming YAM004)
  • Jolin Tsai – Butterfly (Hua Hu Die)

Didn’t really LURV any of the albums, though I did like some of The Sounds’ tracks… and I must admit Jolin Tsai’s album had some decent upbeat tracks. Can’t stand her ballads though~~~

3 responses to May 2009 Music!

  1. no kpop? boooooo

  2. I haven’t been really into K-pop.
    just a bit… nothing like my Jap craze… or Chinese one.

  3. u need to listen to the 2PM mini alb
    u will love!

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