Terrorists >>>>> People

April 8, 2009 — 7 Comments

UGH. I am fed up with human rights that are more in favor of terrorists than actual citizens. YEAH, suck it UP! Peruvian Gov. Suck it up Human Rights Movement. Take a fist and up your ass!

Case 1:

Abimael Guzman Reynoso – Leader of Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) that killed +++++70k people. He lives comfortably under goverment’s funds – I say comfortably because there are hundreds of thousands of people (maybe even millions) who live in the streets, have no insurance, money, or even food to eat… YET this TERRORIST sneezes and gets taken to the freaking Poli-clinic/Hospital/etc to see he is well. The FUCK, right? He who killed soooo many people, and makes the state lose so much money gets FREE health treatment, and I have to freaking pay for insurance.

FUCK!! Who would’ve know I should’ve studied to be a terrorist!!

What a waste of fucking state fund, and taxes!

Look at it this way… an American has to pay thousands of dollars in medical care, so you could say Abimael has more benefits than you. Wanna suck it up? It’s like he’s living in France or something!!

Abimael is a terrorist. Come on! It’s super confirmed he was behind all of it, he was even proud! I say we kill him, fuck the human rights coz he lost his rights the moment someone lost their lives because of him (not only people working for the state, but women and kids as well and many other innocent people) and used the money we are wasting on him with the kids of families HE destroyed.

Case 2

Lori Berenson – American MY ASS. If she wants to be American she should go to Texas and get sentenced to the death penalty, because SHE deserves it. And she probably deserves resurrecting and getting it again.

Her case is this…
Lori Berenson got sent to prison, supposedly giving up her civilian righst (documents, etc)… YET, she gets MARRIED! In prison!!! Without DOCUMENTS!! How the heck does she do that?? Then… she gets pregnant, has problems with her pregnancy anf gets transfered to Lima to get medical treatment… FOR FREE!

Do you get FREE pregnancy medical treatment, Americans? Well, you should’ve killed a few people in Peru, and then plotted to take over congress, you know?

So many women who have done nothing wrong don’t even get the treatment… some even give birth in the streets. Does Berenson have more rights than them???? Is that fair?

Our taxes go to the families of these terrorists because the human rights tells the state to pay??? What happens with all the families that lost people because of THESE terrorists????? Do they get anything?? Do you think the girl in the Tarata explotions who lost her leg got ANYTHING from these so-called Human Rights?

Yes, because I live in a country where the thief has more rights than me. I’m in a country where I could shoot a robber inside my property, and I could go to jail even if the robber was committing a crime. This is the country where thiefs have no shame… they get you with a knife and you can’t possibly shoot them because he must also have a gun to be on the same level as you.

Oh yeah, did I mention TERRORISTS get victim/heroes monuments in Peru? 2M of Euros or Dollars, whatever Germany is donating to build a freaking museum for ‘victims’ who most likely will include terrorists… How about using that money to create a fund for the children, who lost their parents to actual terrorists, to study… not only primary and secondary school but also college and universities. I mean, there’s already a museum here that no one visits, why waste money on another museum that no one’s gonna visit after a while…

Here are also a few quotes from the BBC comments…

I am British but lived in Peru during the corrupt era of government before Fujimori took power.

I remember the threat of Shining Path guerillas to everyone.

I think you have to understand the context in which everyone was living. Fujimori turned the country around and it became a more stable and safer place to live benefiting everyone.

The Shining Path was a violent insurgency , lets not forget the atrocities on that side. Fujimori is no Pinochet.

This was just a political show trial.Fujimori destroyed the Marxist Shining Path guerillas thereby guaranteeing that Peru did not become Communist and continues today as a democratic country with a future.Of course his methods were harsh, they had to be in the context of what was happening back then, but without him Peru would be another basket case like Cuba, Bolivia or Venezuela.No wonder the left hate him-this is just pure politically motivated spite and shameful treatment of a great leader.

How come a president who strategically fought and defeated terrorism gets jailed ? With this sentence, the judges just pretend to make up for all the mistakes made during Alan Garcia’s trial for human crimes during his first government. Although there was strong evidence of Alan Garcia’s intelectual involvement in the Fronton killings, they simply weren’t able to punish him.

bolding mine… anyway~~~ something SMELLS LIKE POO. It’s Peru… parts of it, and the Human Rights Commission.

Fair trial? Yeah, 5 working days, but only using 2 in the end? Sounds like some people used their free time wisely over the weekend too… You know, like when you finish stuff wayyyyy early “a lo fuck”. “Just say he’s guilty already!! I gotta catch the new episode of Law & Order!!!”

You know the norm… “no bodies, no crime” or to be really complete “There was no murder weapon, no witnesses, no crime scene, just a lot of circumstantial evidence” just a lot of “I heard, they told me, someone said…” – Evidence? If you wanted to know… maybe you should’ve called Grissom. *tsk tsk*

7 responses to Terrorists >>>>> People

  1. *snort* CSI – The Peru files…….
    This may sound wrong but I don’t give a fuck, I started caring a long time ago loca, a fucking long time ago. Call me cold hearted or a bith but i don’t give a fuck….this world is vicious and why should I try and make it better?

  2. giving up on the world, loca?
    I hate human beings, but this week I’ll hate the poop that is Peruvian justice, and the human rights…


  4. Excel! XD

  5. I gave up on the world the day I realised that people suck, we are all selfish, attention-seeking arrogant narcissists….
    fuck the world I say, I am kind of looking forward to dying….

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