It’s December Already!!

December 1, 2008 — 1 Comment

Forgive for not posting sooner… I got sick. Is it foreboding of the year to come? After all the dude didn’t fall of the Mikoshi, and the sake was opened not on the count of three. AND, next year is an odd number year… my family always gets screwed some way or the other on odd number years…

Anyway… at the Matsuri, I saw Daikon-san.


And I thought of Osen, and I laughed… and took the picture. LOL – Then I had lunch, which wasn’t all that good (I think it also did me some wrong), saw the music performances… and stuff, and it was windy, so I got a fever, which did me more wrong. I was kinda screwed yesterday, so I couldn’t even sit in front of the computer… at least not until 10pm, when I began working on the photos.

I’m okay now, only a sore neck…

One response to It’s December Already!!

  1. Hola Amy, encontre tu sitio buscando sobre el ultimo matsuri.
    Tus fotos salieron magnificas, los muchachos de Hayabiki y de Nintendou te agradecen por compartir tus fotos. Nadie les a habia tomado fotos de tan buena calidad y se preguntan si podrian usar las tuyas en sus promociones.

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