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September 22, 2008 — 3 Comments

As you may have or not noticed… I added a bunch of categories as of lately. I’ve added Graphics, Posters and Stills on the Art one, because Stills from movies feel different to photographs. Graphics are edited photos or movie stills, and posters are posters.

I’ve added Chinese, and Korean under the Language one, and Chinese includes Pinyin – I’ve also added the Romanization for Korean, though nothing to post just yet… Does anyone know how Korea Romanization is called?

And finally, today… I think the biggest addition in categories is the Reading. Is not that I don’t read, it’s just that I read significantly less than I watch films or I listen to music. But I began reading a book, which I might be blogging when I finish reading, so I thought it necessary. Plus, there are films based on novels too, LOL – Also, comic books, I didn’t read comic books before, I do now… not significantly xD ~~~ I am reading Buffy Season 8 at the moment, though I am considering reading some manga HA!

3 responses to More Categories~~

  1. Dude, I haven’t read in such a while I’m starting to feel dirty. Like I’m uber lazy to pick up a book and I don’t get why. Doesn’t sound good if i wanna start uni…
    You put up korean? Nawwww somehow that makes me warm inside. Did that Pajama song make u a little bite interested? I think that the romanization is also called romanji, cus that is what I’ve been seeing on the net.
    So guess who is now completly obsessed with Utada Hikaru? Like she is a lyrics goddess!!! And her music is so….. I have “First Love” playing nonstop in my itunes…

  2. LOL, no way. I already had Korean content, just it was as significant. But since Seo Taiji has a new album coming up, I thought I’d put it up there… It’s been a while there, just after I added Chinese for the Olympics.

    I like Utada Hikaru, but I prefer Salyu and Shiina Ringo, dunno… more my style? I like chilling to them~

  3. I bet u secretly love the Pajama song, it is to damn catchy and sweet not to. My smutty sense also tells me u secretly like TVXQ….. u are just a music snob not to admit it! hahaha

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