Politics Is Not About Hope

February 13, 2008 — Leave a comment

As a Latin American realist with idealistic notions, I have to say that people are stupid. Politics shouldn’t be about messages of hope, but what you do and your plans. Whenever I hear Obama speaking, it reminds me of how Alan Garcia talked back in the Peruvian election. Another similarity is that Garcia’s vote came from a vast majority of young people. I’m young, but young people are stupid… so according to straightforward thinking, I’m stupid. So if you’re commenting to state this straightforwardness, please don’t bother. I don’t mind people calling me stupid, but at least I will not be making my decision based on what Oprah or George Clooney are sponsoring. And both are fine at what they do for a living~

Prior to them backing Obama, he was nothing more than a who?… he’s basically a newbie, and I’m sorry, but I think he needs more grilling. People state that he has no record… is that even a good thing? That’d be like giving a CEO position to someone without a CV – that’s a perfectly good analogy.

No one denies that Obama is a good spokesman, he makes the masses happy… just like Alan Garcia does, or even Hitler. So it’s not about the masses, it’s not about the talking, it’s all about what this person has done prior to the presidential race. And Hilary’s got the experience.

People will tell me that Hilary would probably keep the status quo – ok, fine! But what guarantee does Obama give people that he would keep all he says he wants to do? At least we know Hilary has been battling it out throughout the years… maybe it’s for the money, maybe it’s the title and position, but she’s been doing something.

Another example comes from (Antonio??) Meier, Mayor of San Isidro, whose son, actor Christian Meier, was campaigning for him, despite being known for his brains, or lack thereof. The ‘famous’ campaign’s tip-over was when Christian gave an interview with Jaime Bayly, and the famous ruffling-of-the-hair and Bayly saying he would vote for Meier, and Christian saying he would sweep the streets shirtless if his father won. STUPID. Meier won, and now everyone in San Isidro regrets it. Business are suffering because of nonsensical rules that will ‘protect’ the neighbors. Rules like no neon signs, or any signs at all that are not stuck to a wall… or how about building road bumps. Because road bumps save lives, San Isidro is filled with them – I counted 30 from my place to a restaurant the other day. You get the idea.

Lastly, but not less important – people say Hilary comes with baggage – how’s that bad? We’ve all got baggage, everyone’s got their own dirty little secret… the Clinton’s happened to be out in the open. At least we know a bit of their little secrets, I’d be afraid of someone with no secrets. A few more years, a little more Obama grilling, and we’ll be learning some of his dirty little secrets.

The power of the fool indeed.

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