High on Tea!

October 20, 2007 — 2 Comments


One more hour and it will be 24hr without sleep. I spent all night updating my portfolio, so you better give it a look!!!

Still not done, but will be in a day or two. Sleepiness is kicking in….

2 responses to High on Tea!

  1. Well try 72 hours with no sleep, living out of only cofee and oranges hahahah

    Well your portfolio is still looking quite normal…..

    Girl I’m watching the Forsyte Saga ritgh now and I’m totally falling head over heels in love with Soames Forsyte, such a dashing fellow! (which just proves that I was born in the wrong time, or then again?) Well thank god it’s over…..I seem to have a love for blonds and redheads! (The horror!) HAhaha

    So who is the best friend in the entyre world? Yes it’s me seeing as I’m putting together the coolest package you’ll ever recive!!!!

  2. Girl~~

    redheads? tut-tut!

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