If you say RED, I do RED.

April 19, 2007 — 5 Comments

Ok, this is just a short rant. Some people will get it, some other might not.

Now, if you ask me to do RED… I will do RED or at least….. LIKE RED. But then, if I show you RED and you don’t like RED, don’t blame ME for doing RED because now you FEEL like doing BLUE. OK?


5 responses to If you say RED, I do RED.

  1. But some people don’t understand RED …… what do you do then?

    Solution……. Do like the car sales people do. keep agreeing to their demands until they pay the deposit. After that these are your keys…there is the car and igve me rest of my money and Good Bye.

  2. But, in order to ask for RED – you would’ve need to know about RED, liked it and find it somehow useful.

    If you didn’t find RED useful or found RED faulty, why even mentioning it in all examples?

  3. You are missing a point here and please remember i am being sarcastic. xD

    Some people don’t need to understand RED or like it. Some are like copycats. They see something which they like and without understand its full functions, they just want it.

    So i see RED and i think it looks good but i don’t pay attention to understand it and i just want it.

    It’s like the kid who wants “that” candy. Now you have to explain to the kid that he has to tell you which one is “that” candy.

  4. Please,


  5. LOL

    Good Point!

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