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I get it, social media is hot right now.

I’ve seen it working… sometimes, but I’ve also seen it rendered pretty useless.

I know the importance of Social Media for up and coming stars, and I’m all for them having Twitter accounts, Facebook Groups, MySpace accounts, etc. Even if I think creating your OWN Facebook Fan Page is a bit lame. I mean it. It’s called a fan page for something. It’s meant to be handle by fans, not you.

It’s like creating your own Fan Site. I really like it when stars work with their fans on their fansites, but don’t open a website and call it a Fansite. Call it Star Name Official, but not a Fansite. Just saying.

I understand the importance of Social Media and the rise of some people, especially independent artists. I actually think it works great. But I don’t suggest all my clients getting Social Media accounts, especially if these clients are already well established people and pride themselves for their traditional values and their quality.

Off-topic example, Bjork’s a great performer. She’s a visually stunning artists, and she’s well respected. She’s got a very useful website with great info and media material from photos, videos, tour info, etc. Perfect website, but her Twitter is pretty… not… useful. Her MySpace is okay-ish… and her YouTube account should be useful (even if YouTube deletes some of the stuff, WTF right?), but her Twitter is kind of a waste. Probably just because her label requires her to get a Twitter account.

Bjork doesn’t need to talk to us about her project, I think she just wants to live her life normally without people fawning over her whenever they see her, so she doesn’t need to have # of Followers trying to send her tweets about what she had for dinner, or telling her how ROCKING she is.

On the other hand there’s Tom Cruise. He’s got more than 100k Following him, but it’s only the webmaster talking. Again, why? Because Tom Cruise doesn’t really need a Twitter account, but he wants to be hip (he’s management requires him now?) so he gets his official Tom Cruise Twitter account.

So yes, Social Media is okay, but not everyone needs to get into it.

It’s hard when all clients go to you telling you “I need to get into Facebook/Twitter” and when you ask, “Sure, what do you plan to make with it?” They only tell you “I don’t care. I just need to get into it.” Please, don’t make me waste my time. If you’re going to do this, you’d better do it right. You hire a Social Media team, and you get them to work it. I ain’t gonna be handling those for free.

I have already talked about this whole Social Media with Julz when she went to Japan, and I told her how I would use a Twitter account, but I don’t feel like I need an account now. Many of my friends do, but most of them just have it laying around there. Funny thing is, all of them are designers.

btw, I do love Fictitious characters tweets. LOL
As long as they are funny. I still wanna work on that Twittermovie.
Anyone would be interested? I’ve got too many projects lying around.
And I need cash. <- this is a plea for Ad revenues.

It’s YAM Time #5!

August 15, 2009 — 8 Comments

Cheap Mambo #5 mention xD

Anyway~~ Here it is!!!
After much liver disease~~~

with Yu on the cover!
Happy early Bday, Yu~


In it, you’ll read more about Harry Potter 6 (against much of anyone’s Harmonian hearts, lol), Transformers 2, Moon (yeah, that last line kills me), and Public Enemies~ Snap! There’s also DBSK concert review, SNSD (which I always get a typo), Bibi, Seo Taiji, Clazziquai, Popular and more~~~

Head over here to download~~~

Okay, my Chinese music has taken over my Asian music as of lately. So I felt I should make another playlist =D – I feel this is an interesting list, even though I couldn’t find a good video for Vae (is he that independent?), and was able to find only one video for Yuguo =’-(

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”;hl=en_US”]

  1. Yuguo – You Jian La Tian (Hello, Blue Sky)
  2. Mayday – Sheng Cun Yi Shang Sheng Huo Yi Xia
    (More than Surviving, Less than Living)
  3. Cheer Chen – Ji Ta Shou (Groupies)
  4. Crowd Lu – Wo Ai Ni (I Love You)
  5. LaLa – O Yi Xi (Oh, Easy)
  6. Vae – Ru Guo Dang Shi (In the Event that) – Not a video.
  7. Cheer Chen – Deng Dai (Waiting for You)
  8. Mayday – Bao Gan (Liver-busting)
  9. Milk@Coffee – Ran Shao Ba! Xiao Yu Zhou (Burn! Little Universe)
  10. Crowd Lu – Yi Bai Zhong Sheng Guo (100 Ways for Living)

I love how this list turned out, kinda like telling a story… right? Like just beginning your day with a certain energy, then chilling down a bit, until is not so easy xD and then bam! Liver-busting *laughs* – Combustion!!! Big Bang!!! And finally life goes on… xD

Fan-made video! And new video posting testing!! LOL

First, a little about the video.

I began this… when this episode (Lucky Thirteen) aired back in Oct. 2008 – so it’s been sitting on my computer forever. I worked on it one weekend, and sort of left it there – until this weekend. I’ve begun working on another music video (on a less fan-made side) and thought I should at least finish this one.

I found Thirteen (I refuse to call her Dr. Hadley or Remy LOL) interesting from the beginning. It was a certain spark, and well… Olivia Wilde is pretty hot – which my friend Mob would be glad to agree on. And I also have to say that I’ve always found Foreman boring, so Foreteen makes me roll my eyes.

That aside… the song is by Hanson from The Walk, and it immediately brought images of Thirteen and her out-of-control behavior, so I just had to do it.

On a rant side… YouTube has removed already 2 of my fan-made videos, and I’m expecting them to remove the ones that are left, so I’m now forced to not use it. So please help out by linking back to this site =D

and Chinese in general.

Taking example of Julz’ K-pop YouTube list – But then MTV Iggy is not as cool, LOL – I decided to make a 12-song playlist in YouTube… mainly because I didn’t wanna upload anything here. Plus, as much as I love my cassette playlists via MixWit~~~ watching videos is way cooler.

The thing is, you gotta watch ALL the videos, and watch them in order because there’s a reason for me putting the songs in that order. LOL’ It’s the vibe. The videos I chose are cool to watch, music is great.

Hope that you enjoy them. And I am looking for more Chinese musicians and groups… out of this world music. Not simply pop. That’s a reason I didn’t name it MandoPop or Cpop list. ;P – Music like Faye Wong who is still not back, though Fayenatics are abuzz~~~

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”;hl=en_US”]

  1. Faye Wong – Jiang Ai (To Love)
  2. Lee-hom Wang – Gai Bian Zi Ji (Change Me)
  3. Bibi Chow (Zhou Bichang) – WOW
  4. David Tao – Hei Se Liu Ding (Black Tangerine)
  5. Jay Chou – Fa Ru Xue (Hair-like Snow)
  6. Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) – Shao Nian Zhong Guo (Youth of China)
  7. Jay Chou – Dao Xiang (Rice Aroma)
  8. Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) – Cha Sheng (Poor Student)
  9. Bibi Chow (Zhou Bichang) – Wei Le Ren Shi Ni (Just to Meet You)
  10. Lee-hom Wang – Zai Mei Bian (Beside the Plum Blossoms)
  11. David Tao – Gui (Ghost)
  12. Faye Wong – Bu Liu – No Staying

Oh, we LOVE it when YouTube has region restrictions, no?

BritneyTV - YouTube - Region Restriction

You’d think Britney Spears fans around the world, and not only located in the US would try to watch her videos on YouTube. I would get the ‘age restriction’ – but come on! who hasn’t lied into those signup forms before, right? – But hey! Not only I can’t watch Britney videos from BritneyTV… I also found a lot of other music videos (eg. Cobrastyle by Robyn) that I couldn’t watch because of this. As if!

Anyway, I had just found out Britney released her new video (third, I think) – If You Seek Amy… which I thought was the best track on Circus… not because my name is featured, but because it’s actually kind of smart and sassy. The video SUCKS though… she hasn’t made a good video since she stopped having general shots of choreography. You can’t deny the close shots and quick edits while ‘dancing’ is to hide the fact that she’s not moving much.

Here’s the video,
Continue Reading…

So… you probably should know Marit Larsen’s music video and song for Under the Surface to find this funnier.

Always the same old problem… I was reading about the new, so I visited to test. However, the same with Hulu… other streaming sites and even YouTube, content restrictions. - Not in your Region

And this is why illegal viewing can’t still be overcome.

The other day my friend sent me the Robyn – Cobrastyle link on YouTube, but it turns out that I can’t view any of Robyn’s official video releases, I also couldn’t view the Lady Gaga official releases – I could understand the content restriction on the shows YouTube is showing, but can’t see the point in making music available by regions… bloody stupid.

This is why illegal viewing will continue growing. If you don’t let people see your video due to content region restriction, they will look somewhere else…

Because I did. Malditos promotores! How on earth am I supposed to find out people are coming if you don’t bombard me with printed stuff on magazines, newspapers, cable commercials, or even a pityful data addition at Eventful. Continue Reading…

We (meaning me) interrupt your Olympic and Photobooks posts (finally) to report that Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho’s VH1 reality show, The Cho Show, will be premiering next week on VH1 (America, obviously… I’ll just have to find it online), Thursdays at 11pm.

Lucky for us… has a full ‘sneak peek’ of the first episode, Korean of the Year, where Cho battles the idea of accepting or not the award of Korean of the Year… The episode is divided into 4 parts, no commercial breaks~~~ I think the parts I laughed the most were Part 3 and 4.

If you don’t know who Margaret Cho is, what the hell is wrong with you? xD Cho is one of the funniest people I’ve heard, though her humor might not be for everyone… she’s funny once you get used to. I first discovered her by watching a YouTube link to her comedy act, I’m the One that I Want ~~~ xD

I just love Margaret’s parents~~~ and her imitation of her mother! xD