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After DBSK pretty rocking dance tune of Keep your Head Down, the guys decided to release — alongside a repackaged version of their album — the single for Before U Go with a music video styled as a slick action crime drama. The regular 5min. version of the video is actually pretty interesting, because it’s packed with some fighting, and some sort of story that we can follow.

It’s like the teaser of a quality Korean drama. LOL

And then… they decided to release the long-form video. I like to talk about it when MVs get turned to short films. So we must talk about it. Yes, the long version is still pretty slick, but there’s one BIG problem.

The remaining DBSK guys Yunho and Changming end up the 16min run of the MV looking like lousy one-dimensional goodies, while the baddie is an anti-hero. I actually felt a lot worse for him than the “good” guys. What’s up with that?

Yu Aoi Twitter

March 15, 2011 — 5 Comments

At the moment of this post, there’s no link to a Yu Aoi Twitter account.

To be honest, I can’t remember how I ended up in this account @yuaoi85 – which you know, would make sense as a username. However, there are several things weird with the account.

The most obvious one is that is not a verified account, but very few outside Hollywood verify theirs… so I can pass that.

The second big one is that Yu doesn’t speak English. It is simple English, but out of 17 tweets – 6 are in English. – Plus, her latest tweet is a copy and paste of the message on her website.

Also, who is that account following. Docomo. Fine, she sponsors Docomo.

But why a Kardashian? Marie Claire? Elle?

It’s very random follows.

And the first tweet is about a football soccer match. LOL

Then again, if it is the actual account (you never know xD) – I need explanations. Why Kardashian!!??!?

Until her website is linked to a twitter account, we shall label all as fakes.

I might start with a trend.

I’ve always liked Japan… if you know me, you know I grew up singing Sukiyaki and my father had a Karaoke bar. I’ve always been more connected to Japanese culture than Chinese — I know/get/understand more Japanese than I do Mandarin.

I really respect them for their quiet nature, and the respect they have for everyone and everything around them.

I think over the past five days, a lot of people have been able to see a part of what is amazing about Japan and its people. As we watched the footage of the earthquake and the tsunami in action, they acted calmly when a majority of us would lose it. They didn’t scream, they didn’t fainted, it wasn’t chaos.

As the day went by, a lot of the people who didn’t know thought that the Japanese would break, that they would turn against one another for food, gas, and other things needed for survival.

Instead, things like this happened.

This experience taught us a renewed recognition of what we had and regained its real spirits. I didn’t see any crimes but those who helped each other. All were willing to do their duty gentlemanly. I had been felt that Japanese got cold attitude in a way but today I knew that they regain their bond. It made me cry…I was moved.

Despite the terrible weekend, you’ve showed many around the world how amazing you really are. Despite all that’s wrong with many governments around the world, you’ve showed us that we, as developing societies, should strive to be more like you.


Yu-chan is safe.

March 14, 2011 — 8 Comments

Hey, guys~

Just wanted to update for the people that have been leaving messages or sending me emails~ Yu-chan has just updated her website with a message as well as – what seems – cancelled or re-scheduled shows of Minami he.

Check the News section on her site for that info.

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First, a few things.

People I know from Japan are fine. Call came through at 3am here, waking us up, but at least we knew. Many out there are at a loss, not knowing is the worse… many others have lost loved ones and my condolences go to those.

My hope is that Japan rises, as it’s done under other terrible circumstances. Though, there are obviously things with which we don’t agree, Japan as a culture, they are lovely. So I can’t believe what some people say online… but I guess it’s the internet, and we can’t stop ignorant comments.

I’ve read some horrible HORRIBLE things, and it was just a couple and I couldn’t take them anymore. I hope these people lose their internet connection so they can’t spread such ignorance and hate.

Now that we got all of that out of the way…

Please, take a moment to donate some money through the Japan Society, which is an Japanese-American organization that deals with cultural events.

100% of funds raised will go directly to the efforts.

Even if you’re broke, one or two dollars will suffice.