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I’m not a gamer, but I love Studio Ghibli.

I am loving the look of this new PS3 game~ It looks like something wonderful is about to happen, and makes me wanna be part of it xD But I don’t game, so I will only hear people talk about it~

Fluffy Mc Cloud is so cute~~~ ^o^

a bit of mixed media animation is always welcomed~

This gorgeous info graphic — it’s hot pink! — is tied-in with the documentary Waiting for Superman, which talks about the education system (or not-a-system, if you’d like) in the USA.

The animation is done by Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, who studied in the Digital Design program at VFS ;O

[iframe src=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″]

Well, this is depressing.

Interesting animation, but so SO depressing xD
In comic strip style!

Ugh, still can’t get used to MUBI.

Anyway~ The guys at the site formerly known as The Auteurs are letting you watch some of the films screening at the Libertas Film Fest in Croatia.

My personal favorite was the animated short Guliver, which sorta reminded me of Tim Burton’s style… but you know, about Guliver, in a much more grim setting.

All I know is that you can only watch it through MUBI with an account, which is FREE. You can join, and watch it. They always have a bunch of free stuff, and free stuff is always good. xD

If you’re still not sure, here’s the trailer~
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