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Entertainment Weekly has finally put up their list of Greatest Characters online.

Excuse me as I What? – Bernie Mac over The Bride from Kill Bill, or Lisbeth Salander from Millennium Trilogy? Will Smith’s Hancock over Whilhelmina from Ugly Betty? With no traces of Wolverine? Seriously? Hancock over Wolverine? And don’t tell me it’s because Wolverine is an old character, because Tony Stark (Iron Man) made it to the list… and he’s not what we would exactly call from the “last 20 years” either.

The list is questionable… not only for the inclusions and omissions, also for placing. tsk tsk.

As much as I love Sue Sylvester (and Jane Lynch), I think she should be lower than characters like House or Dexter. Also… Rachel Green on the Top10? Over guys like Jack Bauer from 24? And Edward Cullen from Twilight over freaking Don Draper from Mad Men???? Really? Or even Miranda Priestly from Devils Wears Prada?

But gotta give it to you for at least including some of the names. You know like Starbuck. Or Stewie from Family Guy… Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Edward Scissorhands — if you didn’t count, that’s TWO Johnny Depps right there~~~ Then there’s Hannibal Lecter, The Joker, and Buffy.

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Television Meme

June 1, 2010 — 2 Comments

His Eyes Were Watching Movies with a Television Meme… Hmmmkay~

Day 01 – A show that should have never been canceled

Day 02 – A show that you wish more people were watching

Day 03 – Your favorite new show ( aired this t.v season)
Glee – I don’t think people get why I watch it.

Day 04 – Your favorite show ever
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Day 05 – A show you hate
CSI Miami – I was gonna say some reality tv, but it seemed unfair.

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From WOWOW’s experimental 2008 drama, Camouflage.

Ryo Kase and Yu Aoi = LOVE.

I think this one was the BEST chapter of the series. [here for the recap]

have a good not-suffering end of the weekend, but an overall relaxing Sunday.
or you know, have a good new week if you’re on the other side of the world~~~

Or should I say scene? or situation?

Because, oh Principal Figgins! You do believe vampires are real!

Principal Figgins: It has come to my attention that the look you [talking to Tina] sport is what is known as “Goth”. American teens are coming down with a serious case of Twilight Fever, transformed from normal children into vampires obssessed with the occult, and only yesterday this dark specter reared its head at McKinley High.

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Hmm… wouldn’t it be GUERRILLA? Just saying.

Julz has decided to send me anything regarding Hyori (or Bi), and well… can’t really complain, can I? But to be honest, this Guerilla Date show scares the crap out of me. Fans in hordes scare me.

Having said that, Hyori is such a good idol. She is SO charismatic, and she’s not scared of making fun of herself — maybe that comes from hanging out so much with Jaesuk. OJO! I didn’t say she’s a great artist or performer, I said idol. She’s got so much personality, and you can’t help but keep looking.

Hyori cracked me up with talks about comparisons with Beyonce and Lady Gaga… blond wigs, and smiling with her gums. Don’t worry, unnie. Your smiling face is the best ;P