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At last! I had seen this video about 2 weeks ago and was waiting for Typhoon to upload it because the version I had seen was a TV capture and it was fullscreen.

In Chan Mian Jing, Bibi is all eclectic again. I think her hair is really great, she has had great hair since she moved to Typhoon – why are we discussing this? Well, because we already know Bibi can sing. She can’t dance, but she can sing. So Bibi’s biggest obstacle is looking and acting like an idol. I really suggest Typhoon moves away from this. Yeah, make her look sleek… I even admitted she looked really great on Canned Fish without the glasses and the long hair, but I also said she didn’t look like Bibi. So I appreciate that Typhoon let Bibi use her dark-rimmed glasses for this video, but the eclectic look doesn’t go with it.

So keep Bibi’s hair styles and colors, keep the glasses… and please, put Bibi on a well-tailored suit with a Motown sound. Her voice can deal with it.

As for the music here? I liked it, the song is one of the highlights in style from an album that has a LOT of types of music. She experimented a lot with different sounds. It feels you’re going through different music eras when you listen to it. For instance, there was a song that sounded so much like Stevie Wonder, and then  I Miss U Missing Me sounds very late-90s, while Canned Fish sounds early 2000s and One-Way Mirror sounds mid-2000s LOL.

It’s independence day in Peru! So I made you all a playlist again with old school Peruvian rock. Awww, man~~~ those where the days. Or maybe I have my stages… without the internet, I grew up with this music. With the internet, I moved on to music in English… and having Asian friends, I follow so much Asian music now. — Did you noticed the whole front page was filled with Asian music posts??? — And then people call me a music snob.

Anyway, Feliz 28!

  1. Tierra Sur – Llaman a la Puerte [They’re Calling at the Door]
  2. Yvonne y los Mercantiles – Sin Parar [Without Stopping] – the chorus goes “I want to dance all night long without stopping” though it would translate better to “I want to dance all night long, all night long, all night long”.
  3. Miki Gonzales – Akundun
  4. Sangre Purpura – Que te Pasa Javier [What’s Going On Javier] – which goes “What’s going on, Javier? You look like a woman”
  5. Fragil – Avenida Larco [Larco Avenue]
  6. Los Mojarras – Triciclo Peru [Peru Tricycle]
  7. Los Nosequien y los Nosecuantos (NSQ y NSC) – Las Torres [The Towers]
  8. Autocontrol – Por tu Amor (For your Love) – This one sounds straight out of Saint Seiya.
  9. Arena Hash – Cuando la Cama me Da Vueltas [When the Bed Spins Around]
  10. Los Nosequien y los Nosecuantos (NSQ y NSC) – Magdalena — referring to a Lima district, so the song goes “I live by/for Magdalena, but I’d die for Susana”

Thank you, J-Melo – The Oreskaband performance was pretty awesome.

I was zapping, when their sound caught my ear, so I went back to NHK. They sounded like Gwen Stefani had gotten together with the guys of Reel Big Fish, had some extra fun with Swing Girls, and ended up with a lovechild in Oreskaband.

And I’m always game for some Ska. And, OMG PAPAYA! I totally kept hearing “Papa Para Papaya” which in Spanish means “Dad for Papaya” LOL but I think the lyrics go “Papaya ga suki da Papaya” LOL and in their “Shake it up, baby” I keep hearing “Shaking a baby” which is even funnier.

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Oh man, this is one of the last silly films I actually laugh with. I don’t know what is it about Zoolander, and its silly humor, but it still makes me laugh more than anything Jude Apatow has come up with [40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up]… or even Sacha Baron Cohen with Borat or Bruno.

Yup, yup – Zoolander still cracks me up… and Mugatu. OMG, MUGATU~ and Katinka Ingabogovinanana [omg, the way Will Ferrell introduces Milla Jovovich there kills me]. What is THIS! A CENTER FOR ANTS!?!?!? and Hansel, he’s so hot right now~ AND!!! Orange Mocha Frappuccino!!!!!! Wake me up before you go-go! xD

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you talking about dreams. sueños.

Very good! xD

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Very good!!!