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Interscope has a new website!

interscope new label website 001

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standard wp oct2012

Though, still working out those kinks.

I’m considering changing some plugins…

I know you’re there~~~

come out, come out, wherever you are~~~

Oh mah gosh. So cute. Ashida Mana-chan you’d still be so cute.

I want to protect you from all the evilness in the world. T_T

Seems that trolling one another has been around for a while. xD

So I found some Audio Latino last episodes of Power Rangers in Space — aka. Power Rangers en el Espacio~ and I still think Astronema’s look is super funny when everyone “comes out” as a Power Ranger. xD

The ending of the Zordon era is still cheese [1], but it’s pretty darn good cheese.
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