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Sorry, no photographer credit that I could “read.”


Zhao Wei’s (aka. Vicky Zhao) Harper’s Bazaar January cover~~~ pure gorgeousity. Her skin is flawless and oh-so-clear, with that combination of colors in her dress, the tinge on the photograph, and the colors in the background, she’s wow — I can’t believe she just had a baby. LOL

Wait… if she has a baby – does that make her a MILF? Woah. So weird since she looks so young~ xD

Anyway~~~ Zhao Wei’s interesting on screen, but on photos I’ve always had a problem with her nose. Sometimes, when the shot is not right… it seems large, and it sticks out a lot. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the camera lens, or if it’s a photo angle issue… but in this particular shot – she looks perfect.

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Is this the 2nd or 3rd time Testino has photographed Watson?

I’m not exactly jumping up and down for Emma Watson film projects, but I am glad she’s grown up to be a well-rounded adult that doesn’t feel the need to rebel against “the man”. Rebel for the sake of rebelling.

Thank you, Emma, for showing us that there’s child stars like you.

A lot more photos via Fashiontography.

Chances are that if you know who Tuva Novotny is, you weren’t actually interested in watching Eat, Pray, Love… unless you’re a really hardcore Novotny fan. Or that if you’ve willingly gone to the theater to watch it, that you have no idea who Novotny is.

So cool points for you if you watched Eat, Pray, Love and you said:
“Hey, that’s Tuva Novotny! That’s Smala Susie, or Annelie~” xD

And she was speaking some Italian, which I found kinda hilarious.

But then again, I’m just really good with faces.

Some picspam!

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Oh, hi there Rachel McAdams~

I know there are a few movies you’re working on, but that’s all I know xD

More photos and higher resolution over at Fashiontography.

How did I miss this photoshoot? And this is one more reason why Mi Wasikowska is not so Mori Girl — this Sunday Magazine photoshoot by Georges Antoni. Wasikowska looks so fierce with short hair O_O


Anyway… here we go!
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