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I guess I could translate Daisuki Sweets to Sweets that I Love (the best).

There’s a new special issue by Magazine House that has just been released. My understanding is that it’s got write-ups on Yu’s favorite pastries, and stuff like that. I even read something about her grandma’s banana bread?

Obviously, this is to promote her upcoming film Yogashiten Coin de Rue, which opens on February 11th.

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Classes begin…

January 20, 2011 — 6 Comments

*drum roll*

Guess who’s going to begin Mandarin lessons?

Crap, I’m nervous about it. I hope I can get the tones right. I don’t want to end up frustrated with it, and give up on all the Chinese music I own.

Honestly, Mandarin is the most difficult — sound-wise — language to me. But then again, I know nothing about Arabic… and I’m pretty sure I will have issues pronouncing anything resembling Hebrew.

What I hate about Chinese – any of the dialects – is that it’s like playing charade with a language.

Wish me luck.

Fangirling gone~

January 18, 2011 — 9 Comments

It’s over, I think it is.

Pretty much, I think. Don’t want to let that go because it’s been such long time, but ugh. It’s been wavering for the past year… from interviews, statements, etc. Enough is enough.

I’m giving you an ultimatum. I’m holding on to this until the end of February… out of respect. Pity being my bday month, but you know why it is. I don’t think it will ever be the same between us, but I’m a good sport. I can always forgive, but you really must show me how it’s going to work.

I always admired you in a way, tried my best to respect your private life. When that incident happened, I felt bad… I never liked reporters anyway, and my crush on your rumored boyfriend was gone because of it… because how could he, right? Yeah, maybe you should have known better.

Now, you’re flaunting your business? Admittedly, I was impressed with the timing… but I never thought it would have been for this. I want to turn a blind eye to this because that’s what I’ve been doing… but I can’t do that any longer. I’m sorry. I wish I were a better fan…

Hoping the best for you.


So says the girl that wrote an essay on Numerology and a certain Harry Potter subject. *cough* LOL Anyway… moving on! You know I’ve got fandoms… I’ve gotten into shipping fandoms, but never got as “bad” as those HP days.

I was browsing the web, and ended up in LiveJournal — the place where all fandoms seem to end — and I found Rachel/Quinn shippers? How did that happen? Well, you need not to wonder. They will explain to you episode by episode… in a rather very detailed and impressive way.

I’m even a little converted. Though, I attribute many of those moments to Diana Agron letting go off Quinn’s bitchiness in a musical number — some may call those character inconsistencies — but they work in a very ironic kind of way.

I love love love Ryan Murphy with all my heart because of Popular, but he’s really not the King of Subtleties… if you must know. How can you not know that? It must have hit you in the face by now that Murphy likes it big and loud. Those Quinn/Rachel moments are too subtle to be meant to. Attribute those to happy accidents.

But they work. My gawd, Quinn/Dianna stares a lot at Rachel/Lea. And it had never crossed my mind that all of Quinn’s musical numbers, real or in her imagination, have her surrounded by females. Plus, the number with the cheerleaders in football uniforms.

If slowly developed, I can totally buy it.

The dedication of that post, however, is what made me write this post. I miss that crazy passion that fandom can create. I don’t know if that crazy passion should come with the crazy disappointment, though. I don’t think I can take another fandom heartbreak.

Ahh fandom… NSFW fandom.

Shane and Molly have Asian fans! It figures~ I wonder if some pairings are more popular in each region just because of cultural preferences. The fact that Shane wanted to become a better person… more studious, more knowledgeable for Molly is what sold me on the pairing. I also think it’s a very Asian thing xD

Plus, they’re hot… but Shane and Carmen was hot– but too much drama.

I liked they used a song by a Taiwanese singer called Joanna Wang. She reminds me of the style of those easy listening tracks by Kendal Payne, or those tracks used so often in Grey’s Anatomy xD And the ending of the video, so sad.