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Aha… Guinness World Record and commercials.

This time you’ll see a girl escaping the impending un-threading of her world.

Is it wrong that a 1944 short brings back memories of childhood to me?

From my group of friends, I think I’m the only one that grew up with old Disney shorts, and sometimes I talk about them with a whole bunch of my friends wondering what I’m talking about.

Did any of you grow up watching this short? How old are you? xD

Maybe I’m not the only 20-something.

Jean-Sébastien Monzani just uploaded this gorgeous video that makes you think about the things you love… the simple things you love. Hmm… the video is kind of interactive, in a very basic level. xD

I love the sound of dried leaves when you step on them.

I love the smell of newly-printed material (books, magazines, cd booklets) xD

Those are my two fetishes…

Fluffy Mc Cloud is so cute~~~ ^o^

a bit of mixed media animation is always welcomed~

Well, this is depressing.

Interesting animation, but so SO depressing xD
In comic strip style!