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The performance starts at nearly 1.20m.

Look, I really REALLY love her song Love Warrior, and I have surprisingly warmed up a lot to Nightmare, but this performance left me a bit empty. It sounded so much like the album version that, you know – it’s no good.

I don’t know many of her fans, but I would like people to tell me this is not her usual stuff and that it was TGC’s fault.

I kinda like this music video xD and kinda like the song

Stylish – and I thought it was totally kinda gay until there was a guy. They’re totally fighting then, right? By the end of the video? Because it starts out playing it like they’re both against the guy, almost torturing him — you don’t wanna mess with girls like these — but then by the end, they’re pulling the ropes to get to him?

Also the beginning with the “Happy Birthday” message seemed totally threatening, in that ex-gf sending you hate mail with a message written on her hateful lipstick kind of way. You know? So… which one is it? ‘Coz then, they’re totally hugging. LOL

*brain turns off*

I haven’t watched CNN… for at least a month, since I’ve been focusing my news-watching on local news for politics, so I didn’t know A-Mei was going to be on Talk Asia… or I would have been flipping before.

I totally despise Anjali Rao, though.

Her face, her voice, the way she speaks irks me so much, it makes me want to punch her sometimes. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. LOL It’s one of those things when the aura of people rub you the wrong way.


A-Mei on Talk Asia~~~

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I don’t know how I missed this back in December~

oh well~

This is pretty cool animation.

You can also learn more about the process over at

YAM LGBT Blogathon

May 19, 2011

I thought I’d pimp this here too.

YAM Magazine is hosting an LGBT Blogathon starting June 1st.

Hope you join us~

You can talk about ANYTHING related to LGBT worldwide entertainment. If you’re a filmmaker that’s looking to promote your LGBT related short/film, or an out musician, or have an LGBT web series… you can all go promote it that week ;D

You can check the details, download graphics, etc on the YAM Magazine 2011 – LGBT Blogathon post. Don’t forget to leave a comment and/or link back to the post. Let all your friends know.