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Turner Classic Movies are opening the first ever Classic Film Fest, a four-day event presenting over 50 classic films~ Obviously, it’s held in Hollywood… in places like the historic Chinese Theater, and the Egyptian Theater.

If you want more info, head over to Living in Cinema.

Posters designed by Canyon Design Group.

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I think… it feels like I watched a lot of films.
Mainly because I don’t think I listened to too much music…
or watched much TV xD

… or read. LOL

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Raiou Un-official Snap?

March 29, 2010 — 13 Comments

Well, I was expecting Masaki Okada with that hairstyle… but wasn’t expecting to see Yu so normal… How she manages to look good in rags still surprises me. I mean, she does look adorable in this snap. Her face is going to be flawless on screen…

And… I’m to lazy to try to figure out what this article is talking about.

All I wanna do is see Yu horseback riding =D

Asian Music Round-up

March 28, 2010 — 12 Comments

27 Asian Music Albums OWNED. [One, Mirotic… thanks Julz~]

That’s like 50 regular Western music albums in price… just so you know.

Over 240 Asian Music Albums HEARD…

it’s been 2 busy years of Asian Entertainment…
and I can’t seem to stop~

musicians and idols~ I can’t hate any of them…
and they’re making me broke xD

In honor of the release of Let the Right One in here in Peru, I have put together my Top5 Little Girls on Film. It wasn’t how cute they were, it was about young girls — I’m only taking into consideration girls younger than 15 years old — dealing with not so innocent stuff. It wasn’t also about dealing with issues teens deal with normally.

These characters weren’t dealing with coming-of-age stories. These were already adults inside girly bodies.

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