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I used to be a really good moviegoer when I was 17… 18 and 19~ Perhaps catch 1 or 2 films a week… if there was something indie, maybe 3 or 4 films at the cinema! That’s a lot of money. I don’t go to the movies too often, and I wonder why.

1. Peru doesn’t cater to my taste in movies when I want to… where I want to. I would watch Inglorious Basterds, but it hasn’t open here yet. So considering… I would watch it only if it’s really good. Hopefully it will make it before it comes out on DVD in America xD

2. It takes ages for some films to be released, so by the time they’re released I already bought them on DVD, have already watched them as downloads or have already lost interest.

3. They never make it here. Hooray for cable! LOL But sometimes they don’t even make it there.

4. Little to no independent films. It’s always the big studios… Can I re-suggest IndieScreenings? You can read some of my thoughts about it in this YAM issue.

5. 98% of American films in the market. 0.01% of Asia. 1%Europe… 0.03% Canadian~~~ What gives? xD The rest can be whatever… co-productions, etc.

6. I know it’s about the money-making, but how about opening a specialized cinema that shows new independent/foreign releases?

7. Not cinema means I get to watch films when I have the time, not when they want me. I can watch any film at 2am even if theaters are closed. No need to queue or complain about the noisy couple behind you.

Anyway… how do they choose the films to be distributed? And who chooses??? Maybe I should work for a distributor company or something. Maybe we should work with Indie Screenings for a test.

Here it is!
Creativity can change the world!

Check out the Art & Copy website, apparently you can request a screening~

Now if only the big boys will let us,
instead of worrying how big their logo should be.

I like playing ping pong xD
so these “totems” rock~~~
Save the balls! LOL

Save the Balls! by Patrik Bundeli

but I’m usually a barbarian when it comes to table tennis, I’ve destroyed a couple of balls in my time playing, but at least I don’t “accidentally” lose them. Just saying… I dunno if I should use a dozen when I’m in need for playing.

I loved Pixar’s UP. The first 15min. of the film is pure magic, so when I saw it on my Amazon recommended page, I was thrilled because I want to get it. But here’s the thing…

Since this post, they have announced a 2-disc DVD.

There’s only the single-disc DVD, and the 4-disc Blu-ray (which comes with the blu-ray, plus digital copy, plus DVD and who knows what else…) – To be honest, the $+30 price tag on the Blu-ray makes me not want to get it. Even worse because I haven’t made the switch to the format yet…

Then… the +$10 price tag on the single disc… which is ONE disc only, hardly any worthy extras. Compared that to the $20-something 3-disc DVD WALL-E version. And I’m not sold on UP. I’m sorry. If the price doesn’t go down below $15 for the single disc, I’m not buying it. I would’ve paid $20 for a two-disc DVD. What gives?

I just noticed I can direct link to my LivingSocial:Albums on Facebook.
Babo me~ now if only they would allow embedding…

LivingSocial Albums

5 albums in Chinese, and loads of high-rated Asian albums. LOL
You can fully check it all out here.