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Juliette Binoche - hc916After obsessing just a bit with watching Dan in Real Life, HBO showed a re-run of Chocolat. I love the movie, mainly because of the Chocolate-y goodness… I can just smell the chocolate coming from the TV. LOL’ Anyway, after that, I was on the boards at IMDB and run into a transcript of a recent interview with Juliette Binoche. Since it’s posted on the forum, you would need to have an IMDB account – so I’m posting here…

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How sweet were my Oscar predictions? Pretty sweet, but not as sweet as 2003. I made a 18/24 mark, not bettering my 21/24 mark from that year.

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I’m still hyped over Marion winning. She just wrote a bit of Oscar History here people… She’s become the second actress to win for a non-English role, 2nd to Sophia Loren since 1961 for Two Women. The first winner for a non-English role of the millennium… and the first in French.

My Marion… our Marion (Lainey and Julyssa’s too) just became a major player in Film History. It has been the longest 10 months for Julyssa and me since we saw La Vie en Rose in Sweden. It’s been such a wild ride with ups and downs, and keeping our fingers crossed… we are so happy for her.

Viva Marion! Thanks for the wonderful performance you’ve given to your audience!

The Hot Knishes

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Okay, this interview was too much fun to read.

I just love reading Natalie Portman.

What should the media label a film starring two Jewish girls? Portman doesn’t miss a beat. “The Hot Knishes,”

And for some weird reason, this following quote made my day.

And I value good spelling. Spelling errors are a total pet peeve, which is embarrassing.

Go! Happy reading~

Marion wins Best Actress OscarAcademy Awards are over, and here comes a new year waiting. But I must admit that the big winner of the night was Europe. All 4 acting awards went out of the continent:

Daniel Day-Lewis (England) was named Best Actor, while Javier Bardem (Spain) was named Best Supporting Actor. Marion Cotillard (France) was named Best Actress, and Tilda Swinton (England) was named Best Supporting Actress.

Art Direction went to Dante Ferreti and Francesca Lo Schiavo (Italy) for Sweeney Todd, a co-production of the USA with the UK. Makeup went to France with La Vie en Rose, while Costume Design went to Elizabeth: The Golden Age, a UK/Germany/France co-production.

Moreover, the big technical prizes went to Europe as well. Golden Compass got the Visual Effects nod, a UK/USA co-production. While The Bourne Ultimatum, a US/Germany co-production grabbed the awards for Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

Dario Marianelli (Italy) won Best Score for Atonement, a UK/France co-production. While Ireland won for Best Original Song with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Czechoslovakia).

UK/Poland won Short Film Animated with Peter & the Wolf, and France once again dominated in the Short Film Live Action with Les Mozart des Pickpockets. And Juno, that apparently is a USA/Canada/Hungary co-production. x’D

The biggest happy announcement for me was hearing Marion’s name! I went nuts over it, and had me teary. I first thought Marion had Oscar written all over her face when I got to see La Vie en Rose in Sweden. It was such an amazing experience to have watched it with Julyssa, and it’s even more amazing that we both felt the same. That Marion HAD to win.

During the night, there wasn’t really any upsets. I guessed 18/24 of the categories, and felt that the most bitter surprise during the ceremony was I Met the Walrus loosing Best Animated Short. Because, really, motion graphics rock my world. While, Tilda Swinton and The Golden Compass winning were good surprises.