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Nobody knows what it is really, but Cinematical thinks it’s footage released by Warner to test the audiences. And from the comments, people like it. I dig. Totally freaked me out. Wanna watch more.


More Mobile Drama news!

First, this photo…


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I haven’t used a cellphone since someone stole mine nearly 3 years ago, but I’ve seen it moving towards it. I mean, I still think it’s gonna be tricky watching the show on my phone while making sure no one is following me to mug me.

Stories on forums that became premises for films, blogs that became books, etc. After all, everyone’s got something to say. Then came the days when Marketing caught up with technology, and we began with viral videos. We love viral videos, you’ve probably received thousands of emails from different people all sending you the same goddamn video.

Then there’s Mobile Phone Dramas. Sort of a hybrid between a series and commercials.. or other PR material, maybe a mix between short films and commercials that end up becoming a movie… like the Kit Kat short films by Shunji Iwai starring Yu Aoi and Anne Suzuki that became the film Hana & Alice. And so came Shunji Iwai again, this time with LISMO Channel and their nine 5-minute episodes titled Koibana ~ SUIKA to Bansoukou ~ (恋ばな ~スイカと絆創膏~) directed by Kodomo no Kodomo director Koji Hagiuda.

Iwai, who is producing, has mentioned the high quality of this drama, and seems to be interested in turning this idea into a feature film. In reality, anyone can say whatever they want to say, but if anyone can make a Phone Drama and turn it into a film is Iwai. I mean, after turning Kit Kat into Hana & Alice, I believe anything can be possible.

But how far have we gone… 45 minutes of Koibana may turn into a feature film, short stories become nearly-three-hour films… Facebook becomes a movie, episode recaps as if they were on Facebook. What’s next? Twitter movies? After all, there are Twitter accounts for television characters already. Yes, definitely… a Twitter movie in the future. Anyone wants to discuss a story idea?

There’s already people on LiveJournal doing roleplay (though with real people), we can make one work, right? Anyone want to pitch in? It’s casting time! LOL Just gathering people who have the time to pretend they’re a character, and see where we go. xD

While Asia is taking product placement and marketing to a whole new level, here… they try to shove ads and other silly commercials on printed media. And more commercial time. And more clicking banners.

Also, I might need to add a new category besides Television. xD


That was the moment for me. LOL I was expecting my Dr. Horrible mention xD
Now if only someone could upload for embed a good version of the intro
I love it when he mentions Joan… Ms. Holloway xD

Hmm… think it’s like National Geographic in the theater, and Isabella Rossellini in the shape of various different animals. Really… literally.

Green Porno - Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno series (which I wasn’t aware of) has just released it’s 2nd season. You can watch the first and second season through the Sundance Channel, here.

I particularly thought series2 was better, so that’s actually an improvement! Now, if only classes at school were that visually interesting~~~ *laughs*

Eri my Love – Finally!

October 23, 2008 — 2 Comments

Saw it. It’s a pity more people didn’t get to watch this…

11-one-or-two-minute-episodes + a five-minute-SP, some of them were pretty funny and showcased Asami Mizukawa’s funnyness. Is it wrong that I laughed so hard when Eri hit Ogurin with the paper-fan?

After the break, enjoy a +1minute of Eri (Asami) impersonating Ruka (Juri), Ogurin impersonating Takeru (Eita) and finally Eri impersonating Michiru (Masami) – Laugh Out Loud moment… well, if YOU’ve seen the series anyway…

I literally laughed my ass off with Asami’s Michiru’s spot-on laugh. Seriously… if you want to watch it, the LJ Juri Community has it~~~ You either need an account or maybe join the community…

Act 3 is OUT!!! All will be available until July 20, then you will have to wait for iTunes download or the DVD. I am waiting for the DVD, but go watch it while it’s free! xD

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

If you fancy some singing… head over here.

Act Two of the Joss Whedon web-series was out today, and I love it!!! I LOVE Neil Patrick Harris!!! If you haven’t seen it yet, you better head over there and watch it. Act Three will be out on July 19th, but I’m pretty sure it will be hard  to watch in the first hours of the day just like it was to watch today’s episode.

Fangirl me thinks this is worth buying when it’s out… just for captions and extras. You know you want to have subs and caption for it so you can sing along to it… you know you want it~~~

In the meantime, I leave you with two more photos of it. One of the cast, and another of evil Dr. Horrible.

The first part (of 3) of Joss Whedon’s web-thing-series will be up online today. I go there, excited as hell, only to find this.

Dr. Horrible\'s Sing-Along Blog

WTH, man. If you’re in the US, go ahead… watch it! If you have an idea how to work around this issue, let me know!

**EDIT** July 16
Ok, the fangirl in me googled ‘other’ sources for this, and read an article that said that there were some issues with regions. And I was able to see it just now!!! Though my friend claims that he still doesn’t see it…

INSTANT LOVE! Neil Patrick Harris as the villain, I love it! Super geeky, super funny… Nathan Fillion is pretty funny too, but NPH is just TOO funny. xD Can’t wait for episode 2

Dr. Horrible Crashes Servers.