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I didn’t love his debut, and I don’t love this song. However, we’re here to talk about the concept of his video. Obviously, this has tints of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and BackStreet Boys’ Everybody. And I could even argue it also has some 5ive’s Don’t Wanna Let You Go. It’s the whole mansion, goth, death thing going on, with choreography… which I’m down with.

I wish Taeyang had commited to the look. As it is now, it just looks like the girl wakes up from a wet dream, I mean… hot Taeyang is singing/whispering to her while she’s sleeping. In Thriller, MJ committed to the zombie look… in Everybody, Nick committed to the mummy look, Brian became a silly werewolf, Howie was a silly vampire, AJ was the Phantom, and Kevin was Mr. Hyde. Taeyang should’ve commited to a less-Taeyang look.

The choreography was oka-ish. It was really well edited on the first few seconds of the dance inside the mansion, but the dance in the cemetery was kinda boring.

Frak You, Sony BMG

July 12, 2010 — 2 Comments

I’m tired of you, and your region restriction.

It’s not only in your channel, but also any channel with artists you signed on? Or any video that has music of your artists? And then you fraking wonder why I get my stuff somewhere else…


It’s not only that you monopolize Michael Jackson… Christina Aguilera, and even Pink, I think and all the other pop acts because… let’s face it, all the record companies have merged into one big butt family with the likes of Arista, LaFace, Jive, J Records, etc etc. You also monopolize Wang Lee Hom’s videos. So Sony BMG, YOU SUCK.

15 Music Facts~

June 17, 2010 — 4 Comments

Not tagging anyone… everyone is welcome to comment on this with their own!

Saw this here~~~ Cut the Crap Movie Reviews.

1. Open up your iTunes, music player, spin the CD, whatever, hit shuffle and tell us what is the first song to play…

Yuguo (羽果) – Ronnie Monkey from Babel (巴别塔)

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Ok, I don’t think Interscope or Gaga knows the meaning of “Clean Version” LOL, but oh well. I’m posting the “Explicit” version, which is not very “Explicit,” just a couple of Mother F Words, and some very brief nudity.

I thought this could give some competition to MIA’s Born Free for Most Talked About, or Best Long Form of Music Video, but it didn’t have the same impact. It does have a better balance of Music and Video, though.

In the case you don’t wanna see the Explicit Version, or you can’t see it because you don’t have a YouTube account, or you’re underage. Here’s the Clean Version link.

Things to point out? Gaga did a Smooth Criminal move right when getting out of jail, right? And Kill Bill’s Pussy Wagon makes a big appearance, right? xD

Also, licking the bar of your cell? Kinda gross.

Also gross? Smelling Gaga’s cigarette glasses…

I don’t know if you know my thoughts on Gaga? [just added a lady gaga tag here], but I don’t think she’s the best. She’s interesting in today’s music scene, and her live performances are events. Her music is so-so, her dance is so-so, but it’s all about the whole package, right? She freaks me out in a way I can respect her. Having said that, I would love to photograph her concert.

Grammy 2010 Afterthoughts

January 31, 2010 — 2 Comments

Well, color me surprised twice this weekend.

Taylor Swift just won Record of the Year, which doesn’t really upset me… but really? I enjoyed it, but that’s it. But to be fair with the Grammy, the album was the biggest selling hit last year… and to an industry that’s struggling with physical album sales, that’s possibly a LOT.

I wasn’t really supporting any particular artist this year, as I kept my year listening to Asian music. However, I really respect Lady Gaga’s live performance, despite my not really enjoying her albums.

As for Swift’s performance, she picked a bad day to sound bad. However, she wasn’t the only one with a weak performance. Right after a very strong beginning by theatrical queen Lady Gaga with some piano by queen Elton John, and pretty good performance by Beyonce — I mean, that Alanis cover did give her some extra points — the show pretty much went on the average road.

I was really disappointed with Pink’s performance, not because it was bad. It was technically fine, and not many would sing in-tune while spinning a la Cirque du Soleil. The performance, however, lacked any energy to pump the audience there or at home…

Moreover, the Grammy Awards have proved that there’s no Michael Jackson tribute without Janet. I must admit that Celine, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Usher sounded vocally great, but the performance was nothing but lacking as a performance. Add to that pimping the performance as a 3D act, which wasn’t really 3D for viewers, but for people there — which prompted a 3d-glasses-wearing Beyonce, and others included Rhianna — but I doubt all the people there had 3D glasses at hand.

I wasn’t a big fan of Green Day’s 21st Century album, but the performance was okay-ish, since I do like musicals. However, I doubt old school GD fans appreciated it.

And there was too much Bon Jovi.

MTV owned Grammy’s MJ tribute, but MJ’s kids were kinda cute.

Music in the west was weak overall.

Check back next time…