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I don’t know if you had heard about Disney’s Rapunzel that suddenly got changed to Tangled. Anyway, the trailer for Tangled, the animated Disney film formerly known as Rapunzel, just hit the net.

And I’m loving it.

Especially because it’s set to Pink’s Trouble music.
I love that album, and that song rocks.

and the trailer is so SO funny.

Look! It’s the girl from Center Stage!

Hmm… seems like these films take FOREVER to be released.

Not gonna tag this as trailer yet, because I need a graphic, and I’m gonna miss that photo of Yu-chan from Raiou… LOL but it seems like Shanghai doesn’t have a distributor in America? What? Is it because the only major American star there is Cusack and the rest are Asian? But it’s got Harvey!

Gong Li is pure hotness here.

And though Kikuchi is not credited on this Chinese trailer, I’m pretty sure she’s in it. As well as Franka Potente. Both will probably show up in the Japanese trailer, and the International trailer.

Raiou Gets a Teaser

May 14, 2010 — 6 Comments

Woah~ seems like Yu is everywhere this May.
I’m loving it.

Like I’ve said before, Yu’s face on Raiou seems flawless. And she seems more grown up, I was a little taken by that. I feel so proud. LOL even though I’m younger… This is the Yu I like, the one that acts. I’m all over the voice she uses on that teaser. The screaming, it reminds me of Shiro.

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OMG. I am obsessed with Dr. Nakamats.

I am so totally smelling cameras next time.