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Yu-chan, why do you do these? I mean, release stuff on the same day. It makes me do multiple posts, and makes this blog look hugely disproportionate. xD

Having said that, what are these? Because they’re hilariously cute.

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You know I love this type of things… like Pythagoras Switch and the OK GO’s MV.

This Docomo CM for the Touch Wood (ew) model of their phones — which to be honest are kinda cute. If I were in Japan, I would probably own a phone, but since I’m not xD The commercial, however, is made of awesome~

Aha… Guinness World Record and commercials.

This time you’ll see a girl escaping the impending un-threading of her world.

Ahhh, fashion and perfume commercials are the coolest, even if I don’t buy any of it — if I had the money, I’d probably would, because let me tell you… Jude Law hasn’t looked this good in ages.

Of course, this is all about style. This is hustling with style xD Guy Ritchie probably got paid a nice amount, and Jude got a nice check. For some reason, when you do this type of commercials, you don’t end up looking cheap. On the other hand, it seems you gain some sort of “classic Hollywood” status. At least for Law, I mean.

If you need to hustle and are cheap, you end up like this. Or like this,  or this. LOL I’m sorry, I had to post those ProActiv commercials on TV and they were even DUBBED! Badly-dubbed commercials! LOL

The CM was taped using a high speed camera and only used 2 seconds of it to produce the whole CM. The CM shows Aoi Yu eating the chips with her mouth opened wide and gnawing it in very slow motion.

“I feel a little embarrassed,” said Aoi Yu with a smile. She also said that she loved Calbee’s Pizza flavoured potato chips and has been eating it as a child.

via Japan Now.

Well, that is embarrassing, to be honest. Imagine someone taking a photo of you as you close your eyes to chew on your food — I’ve done that, to my mom buahahahaha — now imagine someone shooting you on high-speed camera for just 2 seconds to probably make a 15sec commercial. Embarrassing! xD

– updated Aug 31st –

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