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Thank you, IFC Films =D
Kore-eda’s Still Walking is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL! Film.
Slow-paced, beautifully acted…
and quite heart-breaking~~~

Plus, Hiroshi Abe is hot. LOL

it’s less than a month for YAM005!

I’m excited, haven’t started laying out content but have been checking drafts.

Some *very exciting* stuff in it, I believe…
I do hope people that have agreed to write stuff begin sending their stuff in ^^

Can you tell I have nothing substantial to share today?
Well, here’s a pretty nifty Flash Audio thingy stuff~~

aM laboratory - tone matrix

Tone Matrix!!

Plus some July xD

See… when I listen to more music, I watch less films… and when I do these things, I don’t read at all. I’m ashamed of how much I read now… LOL – and just so you can make fun of me, I’ve only been reading Buffy (season 8 comic) xD

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Am bored. Also remembered I haven’t done this in a while…

Plus, it’s Twenty 2009 films!! Only 28 more LOL!

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So what’s up?

July 19, 2009 — Leave a comment


I don’t normally go out on Sunday, but I went to the ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty. Meh, I don’t think I’m a ballet person… though it was kinda funny. xD – Many of the dancers had familiar faces xD

Sleeping Beauty… I mean, Aurora was the tinier version of Elizabeth Berkley. then the main fairy was a taller version of Amy Adams xD Then the kitty cat (don’t ask) reminded me of Mena Suvari LOL – let’s see what else… the prince was a whiter version of Ichabod Crane (the Disney version, LOL), and one of the random dancers looked like a guy that works at the family’s restaurant… only skinnier and way younger. Ha!

Then wanted to go for sandwiches, but place was closed so ended up at a restaurant/bistro and had sirloin (? Is that Lomo? Loin? Fillet steak?) with Fungi and Gnocchi~ – Iced tea was crap though. LOL’

Then I’ve been checking my computer for virus (none!) – but I’m too lazy for backups. Ugh! Backups!! I should buy extra harddisk space instead… I asked a few weeks back about a terabyte storage system, but they said they were out. (?) – right. In the meantime, I’m filling it up even more with two Bibi (zhou bichang) films xD. Saw some clips of one of them, and almost died myself laughing. Will tell you how they were…

I also saw Public Enemies. Watch it! Now! Marion and Johnny!?! *swoon!*