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I can feel it in the air. Award season is approaching. I think Indie Spirit Awards are also done with submissions, and their nominations should arrive come early December.

In the meantime, the Academy Awards has released the list of the 65 countries (or not-countries… Greenland?) that will be competing for 5 spots as “Best Foreign” nominees, as well as their 8 short documentaries.

Here are some of the reviews of the ones I’ve seen.

Let’s talk wild guess predictions in here. Which countries will be the 5 chosen ones?

Mexico’s Biutiful seems like an easy assumption.

China’s Aftershocks seems to be a good candidate for several reasons besides “film”. Whatever your thoughts on melodrama are, I mean… you really need to be a sour grape not to feel something for the family in that film. Either that, or you’ve never been in a natural disaster. Having said that, it is because it’s a melodrama that it’s perfect for Oscar. Moving family drama that deals with catastrophe with a really powerful and magnificently handled Earthquake scene that was a box office hit in China. It’s just good business.

Also, China being nominated is controversial. Anything to do with China since 2008 is controversial. Controversial always brings ratings. Also nominating China is just plain good business. If China gets nominated – I dunno, what are the chances of some state channel broadcasting the Oscar? Just imaging 2/3 of China’s internet population watches the Oscar that night. That’s 200 million viewers. Anything in China is big.

If there’s no China, it must be another cheese movie… like South Korea’s A Barefoot Dream. An underdog story of a kiddie football team and a coach. It shall make you feel happy xD

Canada’s Incendies?

and… I dunno what else. Peru’s chances? From what I have seen, and what I’ve heard. It could very well get into the nine before they select the final five. I’ll have a better grasp once the 9 are out xD

End of Award Season

March 11, 2010 — Leave a comment

Well guys~ it was fun… I guess.
it was very interesting to see who was really gonna win.

A lot of people I know ended up as satisfied as they could have with the winners, though I know of one or two who weren’t, which is funny seeing as how inconsistent their opinions are.

Anyway, the Award Season updates is gone now, until it begins again this December. In the meantime, this were the last 10 posts of the season.

Show is about to start, so I will be blogging as winners are announced.

Check back and refresh often~

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I’m not sure i-sat will be broadcasting the Indie Spirits Live this year, as the schedule says it will air at 11pm, so I literally have no idea. Actually, I think they might be live and they just begin really REALLY late as the email they just sent me says that:

8pm Pacific Time/ 11pm Eastern Time
Hosted by Eddie Izzard

So there you go…

Anyway, I dunno where you can watch the show, but you can check the Live Arrival over at the Spirit Awards Ustream TV Channel. You can even check out the music they will be using~

Here comes the predictions~

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Two days ago I received my last batch of Spirit Awards screeners… which I’m almost done watching because my internet connection has been failing, so I took that time to watch some of those films, and catch up on my reading~

Anyway, I’m used to receiving screeners on white paper disc cases. They’re economic, and just easier to get and use… they don’t take extra space, and they’re easy to mail.

Obviously, a big company like Lionsgate can take it to the next level, and send their own (simple, but kinda pretty) screener for Precious. It’s all white, with the company’s name, film’s name and a “Consider This” title glossy embossed finish. Plus, they list all the categories they would like to be considered for.

The only problem I found with the Precious screener is that it doesn’t play on my bedroom’s DVD player. It does play in my computer, and in my older DVD player. I have no idea why. Over the nearly 300 DVDs I own, only 4 or 5 don’t play on my player.

The other 5 DVD screeners are for Amreeka, Anvil: The Story of Anvil, The Messenger, The Vicious Kind, and Easier with Practice — all which came on paper cases. The latter two are the only ones that list their Spirit Awards nominations, so we can actually keep an eye for them when we watch them.

In the end, how important are screeners packaging for a film? After all, isn’t it supposed to be all about the film? Yes, it should be about the film, its characters, and its story. However, it would be nice to know what we should be looking out for… be it with some small text on the DVD, or an extra paper insert, or an extra DVD screen menu with the info. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as the Lionsgate.

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